Thursday, July 9, 2015

A Toddler and the Funeral

Toddler + funeral. 
What a blog topic! 
I've seen my ample share of toddlers and weddings, 
but funerals? 
Guess it's not a popular place for kids.  

 Last week, we traveled to Syracuse for my Grandma's funeral.
So, you ask (or didn't, but I'll infer): 
How did it go? 

The first day was calling hours at a local funeral home. 
Aaron walks in, 
circles the room, 
and reports back: 
"No toys." 
Sorry, dude. 

We spent about 3 hours going between him being "interactive" 
(running around so excited, 
interrupting "gamma and gampa", 
begging for water fountain, etc) 
and sedating him with iPad screen time. 

My relatives were extremely nice and told me he was well behaved, 
but i could see the funeral director eyeing my loud child. 
Oh well, we did our best. 

Adam took Aaron back to the hotel after to go to bed 
while I joined my family and cousins and aunts/uncles back at my Grandma's house. 
While we were eating, I received a magical string of texts from Adam. 
I'm saving them for a different post because they need their own moment of glory. 
Adam named the incident: "poop-apocalypse"

The next morning, 
we got up, 
checked out of the hotel, 
and went to Target. 
Adam in his dark suit and I in my black dress made us the best dressed Target shoppers at 9am on a Wednesday. 
While there, we made our best $7 purchase ever: 
miniature CAT construction equipment

Of course, we didn't want Aaron to SEE us buying the toys 
(I never want to set the buy-toys-at-target expectations) 
so Adam hid it in his suit jacket until checkout 
which totally made us look like shoplifters, but we paid, I promise! 

Upon arriving at the church, 
we were ushered into a back room with the rest of the family until the service began. 
All hail miniature CAT toys. 
Aaron is not one to be confined to a room so having "new toys" was CLUTCH. 

Aaron sat through the beginning beautiful songs of the service, 
but then started to grow restless so Adam took him out. 
Having Aaron gone was really great for me because it allowed me to focus on the stories and memories of my grandmother. 
I hadn't cried yet the day before or that morning, 
and was finally able to let go once Aaron was gone. 

Adam was a pall bearer so when the service began a close, we traded places. 
I found him playing in the church nursery. 
Aaron was having a ball with an ENTIRE room of toys to himself. 

From there, onto the burial site. 
I strapped Aaron into his stroller which was great for keeping him contained 
(aka, not running around gravestones). 
And then asked my mom to watch him while Adam/I visited my Mommy Cheryl's grave
which I haven't been to since my grandad died over a decade ago. 

It was a rainy day, so our time there was brief. 

Back to the church for a meal (Aaron's favorite part of the day). 
Aaron was strapped into his booster seat and we fetched him pizza, fruit, and cookies. 
The food was delicious. 

When the meal ended, 
we bid our goodbyes, 
doped Aaron up with Dramamine, 
and headed to Adam's lake house. 

It went REALLY well. 
Adam and I marveled about the lack of meltdowns despite the interrupted nap schedule. 

Things we did well: 
1. Cheap NEW toys for funeral 
2. Snacks on hand 
3. iPad for emergencies 
4. Adam taking him out for the service 
5. Using pull-ups the second day so we didn't worry ourselves with potty breaks 

Things I'd like to have done differently: 

We should have been better prepared for calling hours. 
I'm thinking a new toy or straight up babysitter. 
It was rough managing him for 3 hours 
and in retrospect I think we could have planned better. 

And that's that. 
A Toddler and a Funeral. 

Overall, it was sad to see Grandma go, but knowing she's going home to see Granddad, Aunt Karen, and Mommy Cheryl... Well, that made it a lot better. 

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  1. Sounds like it went as well as it could have with an unpredictable toddler in tow- I'm impressed with all 3 of you! Also still praying for your fam!