Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Annnndddd we're back

Annnnnnnndddd we're back! 

This was a longest time away since Aaron has been born, 
and while we were gone, 
the Philadelphia area was plagued with rainstorms and tornado warnings 

... although I acknowledge that "tornado warnings" is a bit laughable if you live in the Midwest and actually experience REAL tornado warnings... 
ours are more like "oh look, a lawn chair blew away"  

Far more concerning than the tornados was the rain, 
since we have had some basement water trouble in the past, 
but fortunately our fears were not realized.  Whew.

We left last Tuesday for my Grandma's funeral
and will have a post in the next few days about toddlers + funeral. 
(Cliff notes: Aaron did well, but we learned a few lessons)

It was a 4 hour drive to Syracuse, NY, and Aaron did just fine, 
all thanks to: 

Yup, that's a fake ipad and Dramamine. 
I wrote about the fake ipad before
and the Dramamine recently replaced Benadryl as our go-to car-sickness remedy.
It's safer for kids at a younger age, 
and seems a better sleeping aid than benadryl. 

Oh, and there will be an upcoming post about a hotel incident 
which Adam dubs "poop-apocalypse". 
Get excited! 

On Wednesday, we traveled 2 hours from Syracuse, NY 
to the Finger Lakes region to spend the holiday at Adam's family's lake house
And, in the spirit of my 30 Weeks' Writing Challenge
I documented in detail one of our days at the lake house. 

Today, we left the lake house and embarked on the 4.5 hour drive home, 
stopping only once for Jamba Juice and Auntie Anne's pretzels. 

Arriving home was just WONDERFUL. 
Visiting family is great. 
Not working is great. 
Eating, drinking, and lounging around is great. 
But you know what else is great? 
My. Own. Shower. 
And air conditioning. 
Oh my, I am singing a sweet song of praise to air conditioning. 

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  1. I so relate to all of this- it is indeed good to be home! Also, can't wait to hear about poop-apocalpyse!