Friday, July 31, 2015

Books I Read (May-July)

A little slower on the reading this summer, apparently! 

The Rosie Project
by Graemae Simsion

I loved this book like I loved "Where'd You Go, Bernadette?" 
Such a fun, light-hearted book. 
Great for someone with a nerd streak, 
And can appreciate some nerd humor. 
I read the whole thing through Sheldon Cooper's voice 
(Big Bang Theory). 
I'd say this is a top favorite book of all time. 

Run Like a Girl 
by Mina Samuels

I'm not quite sure what I expected this book to be like, 
but I was so disappointed that I abandoned it after a chapter or two. 
This is what I'd call a "Empower Women" book, 
all about girl power and female pride and 
"we can do it too!" 
I really wasn't interested in that. 
I know we are equals, 
and I already know I can run, 
and I just didn't get anything interesting out of a book preaching what I already know.

Digital Fortress 
by Dan Brown

No Professor Langdon here, but the book was still very good. 
More tech-y, a lot like Deception Point. 
I particularly liked that I didn't call the plot twist 
(unlike my most hated book "We Were Liars" which I called in the first chapter
I felt the chapters were a lot shorter in this than his other books, 
which I certainly appreciated.  

"My Life in France" 
by Julia Child

I call this a "whimsical" book great for a serene setting 
like the beach 
or lake 
or some other serene vacation spot. 
It's a beautiful story told by Julia Child of her time in Paris 
and introduction to French cuisine. 
At times, it is a bit dull, 
sometimes the unknown French words for food dishes are annoying, 
And it's certainly no thrilling page-turner 
(so its not really insomnia reading), 
But it was a perfect relaxing read by the lake. 
Also, if you watched the movie "Julie & Julia," and you're like me who loved Julia Child but hates the modern Julie girl (I found her whiney), 
then this is the best book. 

Not That Kind of Girl 
By Lena Dunham 

So um well... 
I'm just going to go ahead 
and say the first thing that popped into my head when I closed the book: 
"This chick is a psychopath

I read the book to understand the Lena Dunham craze, 
And not only do I NOT understand it, 
But I'm quite certain that the book 
could be swapped for a the biography of a serial murderer. 
She's praised for being a feminist, 
which I don't understand at all, 
other than she regards most men with great disdain. 
So... yay, feminism???

THAT whole assessment aside. 
The book is decent to read. 
It has no chronological flow (gahhhhhh), 
but despite that, 
some of the stories are entertaining. 
I don't regret it per se. 
Just um, didn't really relate to it. 


  1. I'll just let you read and summarize books and pretend I'm reading more of them myself- sound good? Also, I don't know much about Lena Dunham, but from what I have heard, she does sound a little offer her rocker to me.

  2. I LOVED The Rosie Project and, assuming my library has it, I will be taking My Life In France to read on my parents' deck next week. It sounds like the perfect vacation book.