Friday, July 17, 2015

Click Bait Personality Test

I fall victim to the curious "click bait" all the damn time:

"What kind of Disney Princess are you?" 
"What book character should you be?" 
"What Friends character are you?" 

Disregard the fact that these personality tests were thrown together by some college freshman procrastinating on a project, 
I click 'em all!

I was like "OH YES I MUST!"

I already know my Myers-Briggs as ESFJ, 
so I was curious how close this random test would come. 

In case this wasn't already obvious to the world, 
one of my strongest scores is Extrovert

I'm all about practicality and 
the what's-going-on-here-and-now.

Not surprisingly, one of my lowest. 
I tend to skirt the line of feeling vs thinking. 
Which is funny because you'd think the Observant above would coincide with a thinker. 
Perhaps its because I'm a woman? 

But my strongest of all score is Judging = ORDER. 
Lists. Plans. Procedures. 
Give me these and I'm in Personality Heaven. 

This is a new one to me. 
 "Perfectionist" (yes)
"Self-conscious" (yes) 
"Success-driven" (yes)
"Care about their image" (yes) 

Ok yup, that's me. 
The flip side, the assertive, is SO ADAM. 
"Stable, calm, relaxed, refuse to worry" = Adam to a T. 
That's why he makes a good lawyer; 
I'd just die of a heart attack every day.


  1. I always get Monica when I do the Friends test, which doesn't surprise me at all. Thankfully, Dave is Chandler :) And yes, I'm also a sucker for personality tests. My personality type was ESTJ -- "Executive -- Somebody needs to clean up this mess!" Yep, that would be me.

  2. Ha that is so totally me vs. Brian with the turbulent vs. assertive description as well! But now I want to know which Disney princess you are...