Monday, July 20, 2015


We were homebodies this weekend. 

Which would normally make me all antsy and stir-crazy and whatnot, 
but Philadelphia is experiencing a suffocating heat wave and I'm all


I walked out our front door exactly 4 times this weekend. 

1) I went for a run Saturday morning.
I made it 2 miles and gave up and walked home. 
You can be thankful there are no pictures of this. 
2) I enjoyed a late afternoon happy hour at my friend's swim club 
with bar service and this view: 

and munching on this: 

(Not pictured: 3 fantastic martinis) 
Back at home, Adam and Aaron watched Despicable Me 2, 
a test-run for our upcoming movie theater adventure. 
 We want to take Aaron to Minions, 
and figured we should make sure he can actually sit through an entire movie. 

During Despicable Me 2, 
whenever the Minions weren't in the scene, 
Aaron asked: 
"Where Minions go?!?" 
We also further tested out theory by having a family movie "night" 
on Sunday afternoon, 
watching the Lorax, 
complete with a giant bowl of popcorn. 
So in summary, we hit our screen time quota for the next two weeks. 
3) Late Sunday morning, 
as the walls started to cave in, 
I whisked Aaron off to the Container Store to purchase their multi-purpose bins 
so I could do this to my freezer: 

Aaron LOVES the container store. 
So many things to look at! 
So many colors to name! 
And the staff gave him a sticker. 
So basically he wouldn't leave.

4) Our final outing was an attempted quick trip to the park Sunday afternoon. 
Where I FULLY CONFESS that I went in a tank top with a built-in shelf bra
which is basically no bra at all. 

Aaron was unaffected by the grossly disgusting humidity, 
and played on the swings, 
and on the monkey bars, 
while Adam and I asked ourselves WHY DID WE AGREE TO THIS?


  1. I can also count on one hand the times I left the house this weekend, and a good half of those times were to acquire ice cream!

  2. This is so funny because I saw the pic you posted of Aaron at the park this weekend and I was jealous thinking that you were experiencing park-friendly weather, but I guess I was wrong! Now with that said, what temps are creating this "suffocating heat wave" you speak of?