Monday, July 13, 2015

Not So Terrible Twos?

This blog post is one giant JINX 
but I'm going for it anyway. 

There's all this talk about the "terrible twos" 
and tantrums 
and yada yada. 

But I'm just gonna say it... 

(Knock on wood... twice) 

... things have been REALLY good lately. 

Aaron is happy. 
And I mean HAPPY. 


Yeah, sometimes the silliness is annoying when it's time for bed 
and he wants to "run 'round?" 10 more times before PJs, 
but seriously, I'll take shrieking laughter over angry screaming. 

And it's not just happiness and joy. 


For so long I felt like I would talk "at" him, 
and the only way to get him to do anything was physically guide him through it. 

But he REALLY listens now. 

Potty is a great example. 
This kid NEVER wants to go potty. 
(Why would you?  It interrupts the fun!)

But if I get down to his level, 
and hold his face in my hands, 
and say very calmly: 
"Aaron, after we go potty, you can come back to playing with [x]" 
He puts down those toys and walks right to the potty and comes right back. 
Not a fuss. 
Not a fight. 
It's amazing. 

I love how he talks right now too. 
He wants to tell us about everything. 
He's in the "self narration mode."
And I can see the wheels turning in his head as he tells me about something. 

Sometimes it's serious, 
like when we were in Bed Bath & Beyond, 
and he saw a ladder and announced (unprompted): 
"A'yon no climb ladder!" 

Sometimes it's so silly, 
like when he stacks his cups and announces, 
"A'yon build tower!" 

I love how he when he wants someone to go somewhere, 
or do something, 
or play with him, 
he so very deliberately takes the person's hand, 
and asks in the sweetest voice: 
"Take a walk?" 

It's the sweetest form of manipulation I've ever seen. 
How can you say no to that? 
I may jinx myself, I know. 
But I have to write down how good it is right now. 

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  1. Such a sweet boy- glad he is (seemingly, anyway) so easygoing! I often wonder if certain stages would have seemed less stressful to me if there were only one toddler in our house instead of two... each of them have glimmers of being low-maintenance, but with their powers combined, they are pretty much always a handful :)