Monday, July 27, 2015

Paparazzi Weekend

Sometimes I love a quiet weekend being homebodies
But most times I prefer never being home 
(except, of course, naps.  
Because naps are like winning the time lottery). 

where I temporarily paused my paparazzi habits: 

Ran 3 miles and died of heat

Haircut with my hilarious hair dresser, 
who has awesome lines like: 
"Forget vaccines, Elmo is the reason for ADD in America" 

Nap / Chill-time 

Co-worker's Party 
complete with full pig roast, 
and more food than even Aaron could even eat. 

Watched Kingsman: The Secret Service 
which was a bit odd, 
but entertained me decently, 
mostly because British accents are awesome. 

paparazzi habits resumed! 

Adam went golfing all morning, 
so Aaron and I got DONUTS 

And went to Target, where Aaron is always up for making friends, 
particularly barefoot little girls, 
who are nearly twice his age but 3/4 his size. 

And went to our friend's pool 

... where I FINALLY succeeded in teaching Aaron 
how to hold juice boxes by the top tabs, 
to prevent squeeze spillage. 
(cue hallelujah chorus)

Nap / Laundry-and-clean-the-house-time

Finally cap it off with ice cream to celebrate another friend's birthday, 
which besides ice cream, 
also included a walk to see the "waterfall" 
(aka: dam)

Looking forward... 
the weather forecast this week calls for a high of 96 
and a hefty dose of humidity. 
So when Aaron asks to go to the park... 


  1. I've never realized that about the juice box tabs- is that a thing I just never knew about?! Also, amen to that meme at the end!!

  2. I only found out about the juice box tabs like two months ago. Gah.

    And that meme at the end is awesome! Especially since we are having our hottest week of the summer right now and It. Is. Insane.