Friday, July 10, 2015


I promised the story of the poop-apocalypse. 

After my Grandma's calling hours, 
I returned to my Grandma's house with my family, 
while Adam took Aaron back to the hotel for bed. 

My phone started going off, 
and I received this beautiful string of texts:


  1. 1. This is amazing.
    2. This is disgusting.
    3. This is exactly how Brian would have responded in a similar situation, whereas if it had been me, I would have been angrily texting him expletives and blaming him for the whole thing! (Then again, I would have known where the wipes were, so I wouldn't have gotten in the situation, I'm guessing :)
    3. What on earth did Aaron eat that produced enough poop to clog a toilet?!
    4. Please save these pictures so you'll be able to share this wonderful memory with Aaron when he's older!

  2. Oops, too early- should have obviously been 1-5 and not duplicate 3s :)