Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Week 3: Your Day in Detail

Week 3 in the 30 Week Writing Challenge

Your Day in Detail 

Fortunately, we were on vacation at Adam's family's lake house, 
or else this would be just a duplicate of my previous "A day in the life" post. 
ANDDD, as a bonus, I took a photo [almost] every hour!
As someone who struggles to find photos for posts, 
this is like an award-winning moment for me. 

6am: wake up!

 This is Aaron's "Mom, I can SEE YOU in bed.  GET ME UP!" face

 7am: Read a book by the lake   

8am: Relieve Adam (who goes back to bed), 
and try to keep Aaron happy (and QUIET) while everyone else is still sleeping.

9am: Everyone is up! 
The boys are allowed to roam free and laugh and play ring-around-the-rosie.

[Picture removed]

 10am: Still too chilly and wet outside, 
so we start jumping on the beds and going crazy.

[Picture removed]

 11am: Finally it's nice enough to go outside! 
Sandbox time!

[Picture removed]

12noon: LUNCH
Leftover pork shoulder from the night before, mushroom pasta, and fresh cantalope
Then put the boys to nap 
(no time for pictures) 

1pm: CLAMS! 
The boys are asleep and us adults bust out the knives, shuck some clams, and load 'em up with cocktail sauce (aka: "horseradish with a little ketchup") 

2pm: Lakeside enjoying the last hour of naptime peace and quiet

3pm: Aaron is up and it's LAKE TIME!

4pm: Wine on porch waiting for thunderstorms to roll through 

5pm: A pre-dinner medely of steamed mussels and clams in a rich tomato sauce
 (no time for photos - too busy eating!) 
6pm: Actual dinner of chicken, grilled vegetables, and side salad
(again, no time for photos)

7pm: Bedtime! 
Family selfie getting ready for bed 

8pm: Setup the deck for the upcoming Grateful Dead show 
I know nothing of Grateful Dead, 
but a few of Adam's relatives are "Phishheads", 
which are close relatives to "Deadheads", 
and with this being the Grateful Dead's farewell shows in Chicago, 
it was quite an event. 
I learned quite a bit about psychedelic rock
and developed a much better appreciation for the music. 


I won't bother posting a grainy firework iPhone photo,
but I assure you that it was quite impressive. 
There's no official Fireworks Show at the lake, 
but homes all up and down the lake spends THOUSANDS on fireworks. 
Our neighbors on either side of us probably spent over $1,000 each. 
I was SHOKCED that the kids slept through it, 
and truthfully I was a bit intimidated myself as I watched these fireworks explode directly over our head, 
and then shower our deck/dock with firework shrapnel.

10pm: I pass out

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  1. Sounds like a fun day, minus the sea food consumption because sadly I'm not a fan :) I did my day in detail yesterday (a boring Tuesday where I spent most of the day at work), so it will be a lot less enviable...