Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Week 4: 25 things to do before next birthday

25 Things to do before my next birthday 

This is laughable because my birthday is just under 6 months away... 
which means I have do 1 per week! 
(Spoiler alert, it won't happen)

So here goes: 

1. Attempt making Beef Bourguignon 

(#29 out of 197 on the library waitlist!) 

3. See Jurassic World 

4. Take Aaron to see his first movie 

5. Buy a new sports bra
(probably stick with classic Under Armour, 
but I'm so intrigued by these by Victoria's Secret)

6. Get a facial

7. Read "Not That Kind of Girl"
in order to understand everyone's obsession with Lena Dunham

8. Send my sister a box of goodies while she's at camp

9. Finish re-lining our kitchen cabinets 

10. Make up our mind on what the hell to do with the still-working, 
but-takes-too-much-space Heineken Kegerator
Anyone in the Philly area want it?!?!

11. Send in t-shirts for a T-Shirt Quilt 
(this etsy shop was suggested to me, but any other recommendations?)

12. Finally work up the courage to epilate above my knee

13. Take my mom out for lunch

14. Buy new high-quality blush
I see that this one has great reviews

15. Try for the 10th time to like lentils, 
and maybe this salad will do it

16. Give Aaron a bubble bath

17. Have a "real" date night out with Adam, 
complete with nice dinner and something besides a movie 

18. Buy a fun, frivolous pair of heels... just because

19. Have my rings professionally cleaned

20. Enjoy a Girl's Happy Hour at the swim club

21. Update Adam's non-work wardrobe 
(I confess he still has clothing from our American Eagle days 

22. Have a family day at Sesame Place

23. Be a cool mom (for once) and make some creative pinterest food for Aaron

24. Move into our new HQs at work 
(Not that I have a lot of control over this, but I'm grasping here)

25. Get pregnant


  1. Great list! I've been working on mine for a few days and only have 15 so far... hopefully I can scrounge up 10 more before posting tomorrow or Friday?!

    Also, have you not ever given Aaron a bubble bath?! Or you just don't do it very often (or multiple times a day like our pal that shall remain nameless)?

  2. This is a good list. I've been working on mine since last week and have one left to go. I confess I've been waiting for you or Amanda to post since maybe I can borrow (steal) one of yours :) I might borrow #4 for Rachel.

    1. Also, I just browsed your Creative Food Pinterest board, and besides pinning a few things, I wanted to make a plug for the cookie cutter watermelon. I did this with my kids last summer and they thought I was the best mom ever. And it was super easy.