Friday, August 28, 2015

Meme Laughs on Kids and Parenting

Because sometimes you just need a chuckle... 
so here's some laughable memes on kids, pregnancy, and parenting. 

Those of who spent a lot of time drunk in college, 
I call this "training." 

#Loveyou, Engine


I have an entire collection of my jabba the hut pictures

this face. 

Everytime someone has a baby and says the baby looks like "x" 
I think "no, the baby does not look like anything" 
this includes my own child. 
He was a very loved potato, but he was a potato. 

I pee my pants laughing. 

Just to clarify, I in no way think SAHM's have it easy, 
but when the youngest is 17 years old...........
(I'm looking at you, MOM!)

I find this particularly funny, 
since I have dressed Aaron up like this already.

And my favorite of all...

All sources: pinterest board
(the lazy way of referencing)

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Week 10: The Weather

Week 10 in the 30 Week Writing Challenge

The Weather

We've hit the point of summer where I'm OVER the heat. 

I'm usually done with heat anyway
but this is the first summer where I run AFTER work, 
rather than at 5am. 
And running in the afternoons right now is a little like... 

Every week I scan the 10-day weather forecast, 
and hope and HOPE AND HOPE 
that the temperatures will keep going down. 
I'm thinking low 70s is a good sweet spot. 
Warm enough you don't need a jacket in the morning, 
but cool enough that you can go to the park without sweating in the evening. 

As much as I whine 
and complain about the weather, 
("It's too cold" "It's too hot") 
I LOVE the change in seasons. 

My favorite times of year include: 

The first snow
I get all childlike giddy over the first snow
Where I grew up in NY, 
the first snow came before Halloween, 
and all Halloween costumes had to fit over the standard-issue puffy snow suit. 
The plus side was that white Christmases were guaranteed
Here in PA, just one state south, 
we never have a white Christmas. 

The first warm week in spring
The first day I can venture outside without a jacket, 
I'm all... 

The first cool week in the fall.

Probably just a few weeks away and 
I'm welcoming this with open arms. 
Not just for the overrated pumpkin spice lattes. 
But because...  

Yup, THAT.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Big Law Firm

I recently received an anonymous comment that it was "embarrassing" 
on how "important" it was for me to mention my husband was at Big Law Firm. 

I assume the anonymous commenter
 meant an embarrassment to the law community
because I'm sure as hell not embarrassed. 

But I thought about it and came to the following conclusions: 

1. I am proud of my husband for landing a big law job.
It is HARD to go through 3 years of law school, 
with a newborn baby, 
and come out graduating #1. 
While Adam would probably still gotten a Big Law Firm job at #2 
or #3 
or #15
 or #35,
he was #1
 And I am immensely proud of that. 
And while I don't repeat his #1 ranking every other blog post, 
I can obnoxiously point out where it got him every other blog post. 

2. Law is very different field depending on where you are. 
Just like in Finance, where Big 4 is very different from Regional, 
and Public Accounting is worlds apart from Internal Finance.  

I could refer to my husband as a "lawyer" 
Big Law Firms are different than Small Law Firms. 
Law Firms in general are vastly different than Internal Corporate Law. 
And Corporate Law is worlds apart from Criminal Law. 

If we're honest, 
prior to Adam going to law school, 
I pictured all lawyers as those on Law & Order. 

3. I find people's career choices FASCINATING

It says a lot when someone choose to dedicate their life to one particular job. 
And in hopes others will share, I do too. 

There are some professions that earn an extra level of respect. 
Like teachers and nurses. 

Preparing the future members of our society 
(and all the drama that goes with it: parents, standardized tests, etc.
is an outstanding level of commitment. 

Most of us are at our worst when we are sick, 
or a loved one is sick, 
and the crap that nurses deal with on a regular basis blows my mind.

Mad respect for both of those professions.

Regarding other professions...
My mother is a dietician and my father is an engineer. 
That says a lot about both of them, too.
My mother revolves her day around meal prep. 
My father is a precise perfectionist and an outstanding handyman.

Back to the law world... 
the people who choose to pursue a career in public defense 
are very different people than those in a law firm setting. 
Again, not better or worse than one another, 
just different. 

In conclusion...

Am I a bit obnoxious about Big Law Firm? 

Do I have my reasons? 

Is the law community (husband included) embarrassed by my enthusiasm? 

But I also assume that my tiny ity bity internet space over here
is not attracting droves of lawyers. 
Hell, my own husband doesn't read my blog because he finds blogs "silly." 

Therefore, all this considered, 
I shall continue on in my obnoxious ways. 
To quote Aaron in his peak toddler-ness: 
"Not sorry."

Friday, August 21, 2015

At the Library

In late 2011 / early 2012, 
when I was in the height of my insomnia, 
due to a reallllly stressful work environment, 
I started to read for pleasure again. 
Something I hadn't done since elementary school. 

I didn't like reading on electronic devices, 
but I also didn't want a stack of books in my house, 
so I embarked on a new adventure: 
the Library

I was pleased to discover that 
even though the Librarians are definitely my Grandma's age, 
the Library has upgraded its online system quite nicely, 
where I can advance request books 
(including other libraries) 
and have them ready when I arrive.

A few months ago, 
I took Aaron with me to pickup a book, 
and went to explore the kids' section, 
only to find an ENORMOUS areas of high-quality Green Toys which I love. 

The library is now a part of our post-daycare rotation, 
along with the pet store, Target, and the park.  

Aaron will play quietly while I read my book. 
Although every now and then he tries to make me read him a book. 
(How dare he?  Library is MY time to read!

Obviously, the highlight of the Library is the toys. 
But other major items to note include: 

The railings at the stairs
which Aaron insists on playing on / around for a good 5 minutes, 
until I've completely lost my patience. 

The handicap buttons
I don't deny that I regularly use handicap buttons. 

Whatever keeps 'em happy!

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Week 9: Your Favorite Thing to Do Right Now

Week 9 in the 30 Week Writing Challenge

Your Favorite Thing to Do Right Now 

It's August, which means we're nearing the end of summer, 
and on our way into the fallllllll. 
(cue white girls in yoga pants chanting about pumpkin spice lattes
One of my FAVORITE things to do with every changing season, 
is buying Aaron new clothes. 

I love shopping for me, 
but sometimes it's frustrating
and styles that don't fit my body. 
(To whoever brought back the mid-drift... I despise you)

But ANYTHING looks cute on Aaron. 

I most definitely go for the preppy/classic look. 
Jeans, solid shirts, and puffer vests. 

His outfit for last fall's photo shoot is one of my favorite of all time: 

(You know how much I love this photo because this is the 100th time I've used it in a post)

Aaron's staples every fall are: 

GAP jeans
So far in his limited history of 2+ years, 
GAP jeans fit Aaron's body the best. 
They are also super durable. 
For all the wear and tear he gives them, 
they wash well and hold up perfectly. 

I just purchased the super-soft slim jean 
and distressed straight jean in 2T. 
They seem like good length, 
and the waist is a tad big which is perfect 
because he can expand through the winter!

Zip-up Sweatshirt. 
Someday maybe I'll stop buying him GAP sweatshirts, 
but they are cute and soft and wash well and fit him well. 
And it's just too cute! 
I have dark navy already in his closet (a gift from someone? I think so)

Puffer Vest 
Because we don't use coats in the carseat, 
a puffer vest is super easy to throw on when getting OUT of the car, 
because the lack of sleeves really cuts down the maneuvering time.
Last year, I got him a red puffer (as you can see above), 
but this year I'm thinking of switching it up with a bright blue
I have to be conscious that whatever puffer matches his sweatshirts, 
and solid shirts, 
because I'm obsessively matchy-matchy like that. 

Long-sleeve button-ups 
Used for family and friends get-togethers, 
where the abundance of pictures warrants a little more than a t-shirt.
I already have this plaid shirt on order, 
and want to get him this sweater 
EXCEPT I just ordered it as a gift for his cousin. 
Twin cousins, maybe?

Side note: I know there are FAR more brands out there than GAP. 
But year-after-year, GAP is the store that gives me the basics I love 
for a [sale] price I don't mind paying.
I fill in everyday boring t-shirts from Target and sales at Gymboree, 
and sometimes splurge on extra cute clothes like Crewcuts or Ralph Lauren.

My favorite shoes are always Tiny TOMs, 
but they are summer shoes. 
And I'm still kicking myself that I didn't buy them this past summer. 

For winter, I bought him these Puma sneakers
which at a size 9, are just barely bigger 
than his current size 8 See Kai Run Hess sneakers
I predict us buying new shoes halfway through the winter. 
Toddler shoes have an extremely limited life, 
and I've never found a pair from any brand that lasts longer than a few months. 
Perhaps its just Aaron? 
Unlike clothes - which I like to save for future children -
I never save shoes because one child's foot mold 
is never identical to the second, 

I see shoes as a never-ending money pit.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Philly and the Pope

The Pope is coming to Philadelphia. 

Sat/Sun, Sept 26th-27th 

I'm not Catholic, so I know nothing about the Pope, 
except that he lives in the Vatican and the Vatican is cool. 
And the Vatican doesn't allow pictures. 

The Pope is leaving his beautiful Vatican City to come to Philadelphia. 

Philadelphia is NOT known for its stream-lined transportation. 
SEPTA (our train/subway/bus system) is somewhat laughable. 
I suppose most major cities have some form of laughable transit, 
but SEPTA is a special form of laughable. 
Adam takes SEPTA every day to his Big Law Firm job, 
and it doesn't take a whole lot for SEPTA to fall to pieces. 

In an effort to deal with this mass chaos, 
Philadelphia is shutting down the city. 
As in, you CANNOT DRIVE in the city. 
Everyone has to enter a lottery for ANY public transportation.

I had no idea that a Pope's arrival would create this much chaos, 
so I wanted to share with the internet world, 
for people to appreciate the chaos.

Philadelphia is erecting an actual FENCE around the pope zone. 
Kind of like a temporary Great Wall of China. 
Oh, but this zone is not a park. 
Or just a road. 
It's the entire heart of the city
where ALL the buildings and businesses and restaurants and hospitals are. 
Explain to me how you're going to put a fence through a building?
(image via 6abc... duh)
Everyone will be screened. 
I can't wait to see this. 

NOTHING can get into the city. 
Ok, so... 
What about businesses? 

Some businesses are signing up for public transportation lottery tickets.  
Others are just giving up and telling their employees to work from home. 

Major restaurants, like Cuba Libre, 
are renting tractor-trailers as weekend "refrigerators" 
to store food since they can't bring in anything new. 
(Can't find the source for this; I heard it on the radio)

Hospitals are treating the Pope's visit like the worst snowstorm ever
Staff increases and sleep-ins. 
Oh, and what about CHOP? 
CHOP is a world-renowed Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. 

The hospital I delivered Aaron at is wayyyy outside the city, 
but Phoenixville only takes babies 32+ weeks. 
Any earlier, and those preemies are airlifted to CHOP. 

What about all the pregnant women expected to deliver over the Pope's visit??? 

For the most risky of risky pregnancies, 
particularly the babies who MUST be born at CHOP for any chance of survival, 
these moms are being relocated by Hosts for Hospitals within the city. 

Can you imagine? 
Already have a high-risk pregnancy... 
and having to uproot from your home to a strangers' home in the event you have to deliver while the pope is in town...?


Where will Adam and I be during this great visit? 
We will be at Penn State for our first weekend-away sans child.  

That said, our parents will still be at our house with Aaron, 
and I'm sure they will be able to navigate our suburban town just fine. 
But if we lived in the heart of the city, 
no way would Aaron be staying there for that chaos!

And that, my friends, is a brief glimpse into the CRAZINESS of a papal visit.

Friday, August 14, 2015

Tall Men and Their Troubles

I like tall men. 
The shortest guy I ever dated was 5'8", 
a solid 4.5" taller than me, 
and I still regard him as "short." 

There is such a thing as "too tall," 
as I learned after dating a 6'5" soccer goalie. 
Sometimes I just got tired of looking up all the time. 

Adam is the perfect height. 
Tall, but not too tall. 
He looks tall in the family photos, 
but not like a towering giant. 

While most clothes fit Adam just fine, 
a few too many washes of cotton shirts can lead to a near belly-shirt experience. 
Enter: Tall shops!
Usually for men 6'0"-6'3", Adam is the perfect candidate.
I first discovered this with J. Crew Tall
Which is perfect for sweaters and nice button-ups. 
And for basic t-shirts (or just cheaper clothes in general), 
J. Crew is the only one with exclusively tall, GAP does, too.
Both Nordstrom and Banana Republic have a big and tall, 
which is tad less convenient. 
Target also has a big & tall shop.
Of course it's all online, 
but with their free shipping and easy returns, who cares? 
Their clothes start at Large Tall (perfect for Adam), 
so if you want Medium Tall or Small Tall, 
ya still gotta go to J. Crew. 

For Adam's birthday, I fulfilled one of my 25 Goals 
and updated his non-work wardrobe with a few Tall pieces of clothing, 
which fit him perfectly

Proud wife right here, just sayin'.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Week 8: Five Bucket List Items

Week 8 in the 30 Week Writing Challenge
Five Things from your Bucket List 

I only have one true remaining Bucket List item 
(now that I can check mark "being a mom")

1. Run a marathon
I was never athletic, 
but I can run. 
Not fast, by any means. 
But I can run distance. 

I trained for a marathon in 2010, 
and got to 16 miles before knee trouble with inflammation and scar tissue. 
I was in the best shape of my life (a size 2!) 
and felt amazing. 

I don't know when I'll have time to train again. 
Weekend marathon training sessions can take up to 3-4 hours of the weekend, 
which is a pretty big commitment with a little man and a husband in Big Law Firm.

Around the peak of my marathon training, super skinny me

Other than that, 
my other bucket list items fall into "cool experiences" but not necessarily life goals: 

2. Attend Kentucky Derby 
Big hats!

3. Attend Comic Con
I have no comic passions, 
but I love people watching and costumes 
and oh my this would be awesome. 

4. Attend a big NASCAR race
Again, zero interest (or knowledge!) about NASCAR. 
This is just for people watching 
and some great stories of redneck brawls 
(stereotype much?).

5. Attend the Super Bowl
Pretty cliche. 
Adam has stated he won't go to a Super Bowl if the Eagles play
 because he'd be "too nervous to enjoy the events" 
So we gotta go when some nobodies are playing. 
Like the Jaguars vs Buccaneers. 

Monday, August 10, 2015

A Tribute to My Husband

Today is Adam's birthday. 
And even though he'll never read this, 
I am attempting a tribute to him. 

When I read tributes to husbands that use adjectives like 
"sweet" and "sensitive"
I gag a little inside.  

Adam is certainly not a jerk, 
but I would never use those adjectives. 
I'm not the romantic type; 
I'm the practical type. 
Anything really sentimental just sounds dumb when I say it. 
It's like: 
"Well, I know this person is awesome, 
but gushing over them like a flower is just kind of weird."

Even taking sentimental pictures is awkward for me.  

So here is me trying to describe Adam. 

He is so so so so funny, 
not in a class clown way, 
but he always finds a way to add a little corny humor, 
especially when I'm trying to be mad. 
He'll make me laugh over little stupid things, 
and half the time, 
I can't believe I've just laughed. 
Sometimes I try not to laugh, 
and then I still end up laughing anyway. 

Adam knows his flaws, 
and can laugh about them, too. 
I cannot stress how important this is to me. 
We all have flaws 
and while we can fix some, 
the others we just have to laugh at. 
It's makes the world a better place. 

Adam is patient
Oh my is he patient. 
I have zero patience, 
a flaw he is happy to point out. 
I think this quality aids him tremendously at his Big Law Firm job. 

Adam is not a handyman and he isn't outdoorsy, 
but he's a "guy's guy" when it comes to sports. 
Pro football. 
College football. 
MLS Soccer. 
European Soccer (ahem, "Football"). 
We originally bonded over Sunday afternoon Eagles games, 
and I was the first girl he met who could match him in [pro] football knowledge. 

Adam is incredibly logical, 
which is equal parts good and bad. 
Good because if I show his logic to be flawed, he'll accept it, 
but when I am feeling illogical / irrational (hormonal!), 
he's all "what the hell?" 

Adam likes to enjoy the little things, 
which is one of the first things that attracted me to him. 
Life is about enjoying the little things.
A shopping trip to buy a new pair of socks is a fun excursion. 
A cold beer can make a rough day better. 

 Adam is an amazing father. 
When I told him I was pregnant with Aaron, 
he was definitely scared. 
"What if I'm not a good father?" he would worry. 
I told him: "Bad fathers don't worry about being good fathers." 

After Aaron was born, 
I asked Adam one thing he didn't expect about fatherhood. 
I expected an answer like "How could there be this many poopy diapers!" 
But instead he responded with: 
"I never thought he could be so beautiful." 
 (Heart melting) 
Adam wants to spend time with Aaron. 
Adam wants to protect him from everything. 
He's a very hands-on father.
Even though Adam's job is incredibly time-consuming, 
and we'll never be the family who eats dinner together at 5,
Adam always makes time for Aaron in some way. 

Similarly, Adam always wants to spend time with me. 
In my GO GO GO mentality, 
sometimes I'm too busy cleaning the house 
or checking off other things off my to-do list. 
But I'm forever thankful that I never have to beg him to want me around. 

Like the scene in Knocked Up when Debbie and Pete are fighting, 
because Pete sneaks off to do stuff without her... 
never an issue for me and Adam.  

And, off the top of my head, 
that's it for now. 
That's my recap. 
There's more, of course. 
Little things that I appreciate. 
And little things that drive me nuts. 
And that's just how we are.