Monday, August 10, 2015

A Tribute to My Husband

Today is Adam's birthday. 
And even though he'll never read this, 
I am attempting a tribute to him. 

When I read tributes to husbands that use adjectives like 
"sweet" and "sensitive"
I gag a little inside.  

Adam is certainly not a jerk, 
but I would never use those adjectives. 
I'm not the romantic type; 
I'm the practical type. 
Anything really sentimental just sounds dumb when I say it. 
It's like: 
"Well, I know this person is awesome, 
but gushing over them like a flower is just kind of weird."

Even taking sentimental pictures is awkward for me.  

So here is me trying to describe Adam. 

He is so so so so funny, 
not in a class clown way, 
but he always finds a way to add a little corny humor, 
especially when I'm trying to be mad. 
He'll make me laugh over little stupid things, 
and half the time, 
I can't believe I've just laughed. 
Sometimes I try not to laugh, 
and then I still end up laughing anyway. 

Adam knows his flaws, 
and can laugh about them, too. 
I cannot stress how important this is to me. 
We all have flaws 
and while we can fix some, 
the others we just have to laugh at. 
It's makes the world a better place. 

Adam is patient
Oh my is he patient. 
I have zero patience, 
a flaw he is happy to point out. 
I think this quality aids him tremendously at his Big Law Firm job. 

Adam is not a handyman and he isn't outdoorsy, 
but he's a "guy's guy" when it comes to sports. 
Pro football. 
College football. 
MLS Soccer. 
European Soccer (ahem, "Football"). 
We originally bonded over Sunday afternoon Eagles games, 
and I was the first girl he met who could match him in [pro] football knowledge. 

Adam is incredibly logical, 
which is equal parts good and bad. 
Good because if I show his logic to be flawed, he'll accept it, 
but when I am feeling illogical / irrational (hormonal!), 
he's all "what the hell?" 

Adam likes to enjoy the little things, 
which is one of the first things that attracted me to him. 
Life is about enjoying the little things.
A shopping trip to buy a new pair of socks is a fun excursion. 
A cold beer can make a rough day better. 

 Adam is an amazing father. 
When I told him I was pregnant with Aaron, 
he was definitely scared. 
"What if I'm not a good father?" he would worry. 
I told him: "Bad fathers don't worry about being good fathers." 

After Aaron was born, 
I asked Adam one thing he didn't expect about fatherhood. 
I expected an answer like "How could there be this many poopy diapers!" 
But instead he responded with: 
"I never thought he could be so beautiful." 
 (Heart melting) 
Adam wants to spend time with Aaron. 
Adam wants to protect him from everything. 
He's a very hands-on father.
Even though Adam's job is incredibly time-consuming, 
and we'll never be the family who eats dinner together at 5,
Adam always makes time for Aaron in some way. 

Similarly, Adam always wants to spend time with me. 
In my GO GO GO mentality, 
sometimes I'm too busy cleaning the house 
or checking off other things off my to-do list. 
But I'm forever thankful that I never have to beg him to want me around. 

Like the scene in Knocked Up when Debbie and Pete are fighting, 
because Pete sneaks off to do stuff without her... 
never an issue for me and Adam.  

And, off the top of my head, 
that's it for now. 
That's my recap. 
There's more, of course. 
Little things that I appreciate. 
And little things that drive me nuts. 
And that's just how we are. 


  1. Sounds like you picked a winner! And thank God for patient husbands that keep us from going insane. Happy birthday, Adam!

  2. This is so lovely, in a non-gagging way of course :) Happiest of birthdays to Adam!