Friday, August 21, 2015

At the Library

In late 2011 / early 2012, 
when I was in the height of my insomnia, 
due to a reallllly stressful work environment, 
I started to read for pleasure again. 
Something I hadn't done since elementary school. 

I didn't like reading on electronic devices, 
but I also didn't want a stack of books in my house, 
so I embarked on a new adventure: 
the Library

I was pleased to discover that 
even though the Librarians are definitely my Grandma's age, 
the Library has upgraded its online system quite nicely, 
where I can advance request books 
(including other libraries) 
and have them ready when I arrive.

A few months ago, 
I took Aaron with me to pickup a book, 
and went to explore the kids' section, 
only to find an ENORMOUS areas of high-quality Green Toys which I love. 

The library is now a part of our post-daycare rotation, 
along with the pet store, Target, and the park.  

Aaron will play quietly while I read my book. 
Although every now and then he tries to make me read him a book. 
(How dare he?  Library is MY time to read!

Obviously, the highlight of the Library is the toys. 
But other major items to note include: 

The railings at the stairs
which Aaron insists on playing on / around for a good 5 minutes, 
until I've completely lost my patience. 

The handicap buttons
I don't deny that I regularly use handicap buttons. 

Whatever keeps 'em happy!


  1. I feel like you get major bonus mom points for taking him to an actual library- I'm super impressed! Which is kind of sad...

  2. We love our library. And it gets even better as they get older. Also, I only ever read books from the library. Unless I know I'm going to read them about ten times, I don't buy them.