Monday, August 24, 2015

Big Law Firm

I recently received an anonymous comment that it was "embarrassing" 
on how "important" it was for me to mention my husband was at Big Law Firm. 

I assume the anonymous commenter
 meant an embarrassment to the law community
because I'm sure as hell not embarrassed. 

But I thought about it and came to the following conclusions: 

1. I am proud of my husband for landing a big law job.
It is HARD to go through 3 years of law school, 
with a newborn baby, 
and come out graduating #1. 
While Adam would probably still gotten a Big Law Firm job at #2 
or #3 
or #15
 or #35,
he was #1
 And I am immensely proud of that. 
And while I don't repeat his #1 ranking every other blog post, 
I can obnoxiously point out where it got him every other blog post. 

2. Law is very different field depending on where you are. 
Just like in Finance, where Big 4 is very different from Regional, 
and Public Accounting is worlds apart from Internal Finance.  

I could refer to my husband as a "lawyer" 
Big Law Firms are different than Small Law Firms. 
Law Firms in general are vastly different than Internal Corporate Law. 
And Corporate Law is worlds apart from Criminal Law. 

If we're honest, 
prior to Adam going to law school, 
I pictured all lawyers as those on Law & Order. 

3. I find people's career choices FASCINATING

It says a lot when someone choose to dedicate their life to one particular job. 
And in hopes others will share, I do too. 

There are some professions that earn an extra level of respect. 
Like teachers and nurses. 

Preparing the future members of our society 
(and all the drama that goes with it: parents, standardized tests, etc.
is an outstanding level of commitment. 

Most of us are at our worst when we are sick, 
or a loved one is sick, 
and the crap that nurses deal with on a regular basis blows my mind.

Mad respect for both of those professions.

Regarding other professions...
My mother is a dietician and my father is an engineer. 
That says a lot about both of them, too.
My mother revolves her day around meal prep. 
My father is a precise perfectionist and an outstanding handyman.

Back to the law world... 
the people who choose to pursue a career in public defense 
are very different people than those in a law firm setting. 
Again, not better or worse than one another, 
just different. 

In conclusion...

Am I a bit obnoxious about Big Law Firm? 

Do I have my reasons? 

Is the law community (husband included) embarrassed by my enthusiasm? 

But I also assume that my tiny ity bity internet space over here
is not attracting droves of lawyers. 
Hell, my own husband doesn't read my blog because he finds blogs "silly." 

Therefore, all this considered, 
I shall continue on in my obnoxious ways. 
To quote Aaron in his peak toddler-ness: 
"Not sorry."


  1. Anonymous commenters are the worst! I have honestly always thought you called it "Big Law Firm" because you didn't want to share the name of the actual firm... sort of like some bloggers only refer to their family members by their initials! So not important!

  2. I hear you and am reminded of the parents who just can't help mentioning (over and over) that their child is at an Ivy League university. Yes, they are proud of their offspring's hard work but really, it's all about the prestige. (If you end up on the Main Line, you will learn about all this in full measure.) It can be argued that Big Law is a term used merely to distinguish mega-firms from other forms of legal practice. On the other hand, those of us in the legal world know that Big Law is a term used to denote a big paycheck but most importantly, prestige. In the south we are taught that pointing out one's own (or family member's) accomplishments, and talking about money, is "unbecoming" ~ a regional term of art:) ~ and I'll admit, these things sometimes jump out at me in blogs. I don't mean to be snide as that is certainly unbecoming too! Snide ~ a great word, by the way. I enjoy your blog.

  3. I'm with Amanda. I thought it was just an descriptive pseudonym as you didn't want to share where he really worked. However, I think it's great that you're proud of your husband. And it's great that he did so well at law school too.

    I'm proud of Dave too because he got a PhD while we had two kids. Anyone who studies and has a family at the same time is amazing in my books. Like my mom who got a PhD in Psychology (and got into a prestigious program and graduated first in her class) while raising four kids. I'm super proud of her too.

    Also, Anonymous (the first) is just being touchy.