Monday, August 3, 2015

First Movie Theater

We took Aaron for his first movie theater experience. 

A few months ago, 
if you had asked me when Aaron would be ready for a movie theater, 
I would've responded with: 
"Probably around age 16." 

But after our trial run a few weekends ago with 
Despicable Me 2 and the Lorax, 
we thought maybe, just maybe, he'd sit through an entire movie. 


1. Early morning showing :
(a) less people 
(b) more kids (aka: overall more tolerable crowd for meltdowns)

2. Movie Tavern* vs standard theater
(a) big leather chairs that don't flip up 
(b) FOOD 
(c) mimosas for mom 

*Apparently Movie Tavern is big in the south and slowly moving north. 
I assume they started in Texas because there are like 9 theaters in Texas 
versus 1-3 in other states. 
Since the first Movie Tavern opened up outside of Philly a few years back, 
we never go to standard theaters anymore. 
Not only is the food / bar fun, 
but the seats are sooooooooooooooo amazing. 

3. Book Tickets Online: 
While more expensive, 
this allowed us to reserve the perfect seats. 

4. Minions
We know from Despicable Me 2 that Aaron LOVES Minions. 
Therefore, it was a safer choice than say, Inside Out 
(which I still want to see!)

5. Utilized the Pull-ups  
so we would not have to worry about bathroom breaks



We arrived nice and early at the @$$ crack of dawn. 
Really, it was just 9am. 
but it feels SOOOO weird going to a movie theater at 9am. 

We walked around outside for a bit, 
and then finally went in for our seats.

 Aaron loved looking around at his new surroundings. 
We ordered our food, 
which came out shortly after. 
Along with the typical on-screen entertainment, 
this gave him plenty to do while waiting for the movie. 

*Note: We also asked for a booster seat for him. 
The theater provides this and it fits perfectly in the chairs. 
Since we were the first row in the back, he didn't need it to see over people, 
but it was still helpful for getting him to tray height!

My mimosa was fantastic. 
My chicken and waffles were "meh." 
The chicken was decent, 
the waffles overcooked, 
and the gravy not too flavorable. 
But with a good mimosa, what else matters?

Aaron sat through the whole movie, 
making very few comments, 
limited to
"It's night, Mommy!" (when the lights dimmed) 
"Uh oh" (giant crash on screen) 
"Minions over 'der?"  
(Looking over his shoulder behind us, 
due to the surround sound where it sounded like minion voices behind us)

He slowly ate his stack of pancakes, 
 finishing almost perfectly in time with the end of the movie.

I was quite pleased.
He was quite pleased. 
I think we'll be back! 


  1. First of all, the comment above? Totally what I was going to say.

    Second, I'm so glad it went well! I've never actually heard of Movie Tavern but I assume it's similar to Studio Movie Grill, Alamo Drafthouse, etc. We'll have to try with the twins at some point... I was planning on occupying them with popcorn, but maybe going to one of the places that serves food during a legitimate meal time would help hold their attention longer? Thanks for the tips!

  2. Okay, I want a Movie Tavern to open up in Canada. This sounds beyond awesome! I took Sam to see Frozen with my friends shortly before he turned five and I'm trying to figure out if Rachel could handle Inside Out yet??? She just turned four in June so maybe we'll wait and see what's out around Christmastime.

  3. I stumbled across your blog and had to laugh at how IMPORTANT it seems to be to you that your husband works in "Big Law." Really? I skipped around over the years and read a few posts. You seem to mention Big Law more than anything else. Ewwww, kind of embarrassing that you feel the need to point that out so frequently. Just saying'. Otherwise, nice blog and cute family.

    1. Hello! First of all, congrats on being my first ever snide comment. I think it says something when a blog receives its first criticism - it means I'm not blogging to nothingness. :)

      Secondly, I thought about what you said and there is a valid point to my obnoxiousness, so I will be addressing that coming up if you are still reading.