Monday, August 17, 2015

Philly and the Pope

The Pope is coming to Philadelphia. 

Sat/Sun, Sept 26th-27th 

I'm not Catholic, so I know nothing about the Pope, 
except that he lives in the Vatican and the Vatican is cool. 
And the Vatican doesn't allow pictures. 

The Pope is leaving his beautiful Vatican City to come to Philadelphia. 

Philadelphia is NOT known for its stream-lined transportation. 
SEPTA (our train/subway/bus system) is somewhat laughable. 
I suppose most major cities have some form of laughable transit, 
but SEPTA is a special form of laughable. 
Adam takes SEPTA every day to his Big Law Firm job, 
and it doesn't take a whole lot for SEPTA to fall to pieces. 

In an effort to deal with this mass chaos, 
Philadelphia is shutting down the city. 
As in, you CANNOT DRIVE in the city. 
Everyone has to enter a lottery for ANY public transportation.

I had no idea that a Pope's arrival would create this much chaos, 
so I wanted to share with the internet world, 
for people to appreciate the chaos.

Philadelphia is erecting an actual FENCE around the pope zone. 
Kind of like a temporary Great Wall of China. 
Oh, but this zone is not a park. 
Or just a road. 
It's the entire heart of the city
where ALL the buildings and businesses and restaurants and hospitals are. 
Explain to me how you're going to put a fence through a building?
(image via 6abc... duh)
Everyone will be screened. 
I can't wait to see this. 

NOTHING can get into the city. 
Ok, so... 
What about businesses? 

Some businesses are signing up for public transportation lottery tickets.  
Others are just giving up and telling their employees to work from home. 

Major restaurants, like Cuba Libre, 
are renting tractor-trailers as weekend "refrigerators" 
to store food since they can't bring in anything new. 
(Can't find the source for this; I heard it on the radio)

Hospitals are treating the Pope's visit like the worst snowstorm ever
Staff increases and sleep-ins. 
Oh, and what about CHOP? 
CHOP is a world-renowed Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. 

The hospital I delivered Aaron at is wayyyy outside the city, 
but Phoenixville only takes babies 32+ weeks. 
Any earlier, and those preemies are airlifted to CHOP. 

What about all the pregnant women expected to deliver over the Pope's visit??? 

For the most risky of risky pregnancies, 
particularly the babies who MUST be born at CHOP for any chance of survival, 
these moms are being relocated by Hosts for Hospitals within the city. 

Can you imagine? 
Already have a high-risk pregnancy... 
and having to uproot from your home to a strangers' home in the event you have to deliver while the pope is in town...?


Where will Adam and I be during this great visit? 
We will be at Penn State for our first weekend-away sans child.  

That said, our parents will still be at our house with Aaron, 
and I'm sure they will be able to navigate our suburban town just fine. 
But if we lived in the heart of the city, 
no way would Aaron be staying there for that chaos!

And that, my friends, is a brief glimpse into the CRAZINESS of a papal visit.


  1. Sounds like a giant pain, but glad y'all are going to be avoiding it!

    But for real... a fence?

  2. This sounds seriously ridiculous. I mean, I realize it's the Pope and all, but still?!?!? Also, I might also have a contraband picture of me at The Vatican City but I was there about a million years ago so maybe the no photography rule was not in effect then.