Friday, August 14, 2015

Tall Men and Their Troubles

I like tall men. 
The shortest guy I ever dated was 5'8", 
a solid 4.5" taller than me, 
and I still regard him as "short." 

There is such a thing as "too tall," 
as I learned after dating a 6'5" soccer goalie. 
Sometimes I just got tired of looking up all the time. 

Adam is the perfect height. 
Tall, but not too tall. 
He looks tall in the family photos, 
but not like a towering giant. 

While most clothes fit Adam just fine, 
a few too many washes of cotton shirts can lead to a near belly-shirt experience. 
Enter: Tall shops!
Usually for men 6'0"-6'3", Adam is the perfect candidate.
I first discovered this with J. Crew Tall
Which is perfect for sweaters and nice button-ups. 
And for basic t-shirts (or just cheaper clothes in general), 
J. Crew is the only one with exclusively tall, GAP does, too.
Both Nordstrom and Banana Republic have a big and tall, 
which is tad less convenient. 
Target also has a big & tall shop.
Of course it's all online, 
but with their free shipping and easy returns, who cares? 
Their clothes start at Large Tall (perfect for Adam), 
so if you want Medium Tall or Small Tall, 
ya still gotta go to J. Crew. 

For Adam's birthday, I fulfilled one of my 25 Goals 
and updated his non-work wardrobe with a few Tall pieces of clothing, 
which fit him perfectly

Proud wife right here, just sayin'.


  1. Brian is a big fan of J. Crew shirts- he's 6'1", but hasn't ever had an issue with any being too short... good to know there are extra options if he ever grows ;)

  2. Even though I'm not a fashion person, I am proud of the fact that Dave's wardrobe has significantly improved since we got together :) And he is only 1/4" taller than me. Ha!