Friday, August 7, 2015

The Need for Speed... er, Travel

I've decided that Aaron needs travel in his life. 

I wrote this post about his happiness, 
right after we got back from a busy month, 
with our friends beach trip
and the lake
Since then, his behavior has declined slightly. 
Not all the way to Monster Nightmare Child, 
but just less cooperative and a little more fussy. 

I've been trying to Personality Type him, 
using the Nurture by Nature book
and the closest I've come is possibly ESFP. 
Definitely E and I think he's a P. 
One major characteristic of ESFPs is their need for new experiences. 
They love variety. 
They love travel. 
It makes sense why Adam and I are exhausted after busy weekends, 
and Aaron is on top of the world

It makes sense why I can't pry Aaron away from daycare 
unless I promise a fun fieldtrip 
like the Pet store or Target. 

It makes sense why Aaron thinks that hotel living is AWESOME 
and if we're going in the car for a long time, 
he'll ask "go to hotel?" 

Sorry, buddy, we can't live in a hotel all the time. 

This really makes me wish that I could jet-set him around the world. 
He'd love it. 
Unfortunately, there's this little thing called time off from work.
Oh, and money.


  1. I sort of think the twins are both home bodies, but maybe we just haven't traveled all that much with them?? Maybe Aaron needs to be a cruise ship director when he grows up :)

  2. Yeah, that whole "vacation time" and money thing really interferes with travel, eh? Sam and Rachel definitely are good travelers and like going new places.