Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Week 7: Siblings

Week 7 in the 30 Week Writing Challenge


I have two sisters: Melissa and Rebecca


Melissa is 7 years' younger than me. 
She's tiny, at 4'11 and we don't look much alike. 
We fought a lot when we were little, 
typical for sisters, I guess.

Melissa is incredibly smart, 
but she's also incredibly emphatic and understanding. 

She's always looking to do what's right
and I always admire her ability to stick to her beliefs. 

Right now, she lives with her husband in DC, 
and works in something medical-field-related. 


Rebecca is 12 years' younger than me. 
We were nearly identical as babies, 
so much that when my uncle posted this photo on my facebook wall, 
it ensued a long debate in our family as to who it actually was. 
(I still think it was me; my parents still say Rebecca)

Because of the age gap, Rebecca and didn't fight much as kids. 
In fact, I remember her sleeping on my chest when she was little. 
Kind of like how Aaron did when he little. 

Rebecca is incredibly outgoing, 
and jokingly laments about being the only Extrovert left in a house of Introverts. 
I know if she and I were closer in age, 
we probably would've had a ball together. 

Rebecca just graduated highschool, 
and is embarking on a "gap year" in the Dominican Republic. 
When she returns, she'll go to Houghton College in upstate NY. 


  1. So interesting to see how age gaps impact sibling relationships! Stay tuned for my sibling post later this week...

  2. It's interesting to me to read about the different dynamics in sibling relationships. There is so much which impacts them. And it may look like I've fall off the 30 Weeks bandwagon but my late posts ARE coming. There is just a lot to catch up on right now.