Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Week 9: Your Favorite Thing to Do Right Now

Week 9 in the 30 Week Writing Challenge

Your Favorite Thing to Do Right Now 

It's August, which means we're nearing the end of summer, 
and on our way into the fallllllll. 
(cue white girls in yoga pants chanting about pumpkin spice lattes
One of my FAVORITE things to do with every changing season, 
is buying Aaron new clothes. 

I love shopping for me, 
but sometimes it's frustrating
and styles that don't fit my body. 
(To whoever brought back the mid-drift... I despise you)

But ANYTHING looks cute on Aaron. 

I most definitely go for the preppy/classic look. 
Jeans, solid shirts, and puffer vests. 

His outfit for last fall's photo shoot is one of my favorite of all time: 

(You know how much I love this photo because this is the 100th time I've used it in a post)

Aaron's staples every fall are: 

GAP jeans
So far in his limited history of 2+ years, 
GAP jeans fit Aaron's body the best. 
They are also super durable. 
For all the wear and tear he gives them, 
they wash well and hold up perfectly. 

I just purchased the super-soft slim jean 
and distressed straight jean in 2T. 
They seem like good length, 
and the waist is a tad big which is perfect 
because he can expand through the winter!

Zip-up Sweatshirt. 
Someday maybe I'll stop buying him GAP sweatshirts, 
but they are cute and soft and wash well and fit him well. 
And it's just too cute! 
I have dark navy already in his closet (a gift from someone? I think so)

Puffer Vest 
Because we don't use coats in the carseat, 
a puffer vest is super easy to throw on when getting OUT of the car, 
because the lack of sleeves really cuts down the maneuvering time.
Last year, I got him a red puffer (as you can see above), 
but this year I'm thinking of switching it up with a bright blue
I have to be conscious that whatever puffer matches his sweatshirts, 
and solid shirts, 
because I'm obsessively matchy-matchy like that. 

Long-sleeve button-ups 
Used for family and friends get-togethers, 
where the abundance of pictures warrants a little more than a t-shirt.
I already have this plaid shirt on order, 
and want to get him this sweater 
EXCEPT I just ordered it as a gift for his cousin. 
Twin cousins, maybe?

Side note: I know there are FAR more brands out there than GAP. 
But year-after-year, GAP is the store that gives me the basics I love 
for a [sale] price I don't mind paying.
I fill in everyday boring t-shirts from Target and sales at Gymboree, 
and sometimes splurge on extra cute clothes like Crewcuts or Ralph Lauren.

My favorite shoes are always Tiny TOMs, 
but they are summer shoes. 
And I'm still kicking myself that I didn't buy them this past summer. 

For winter, I bought him these Puma sneakers
which at a size 9, are just barely bigger 
than his current size 8 See Kai Run Hess sneakers
I predict us buying new shoes halfway through the winter. 
Toddler shoes have an extremely limited life, 
and I've never found a pair from any brand that lasts longer than a few months. 
Perhaps its just Aaron? 
Unlike clothes - which I like to save for future children -
I never save shoes because one child's foot mold 
is never identical to the second, 

I see shoes as a never-ending money pit.


  1. Miniature puffy (as I call them) vests are my FAVORITE! I wish they could wear them year-round, but that would be sort of cruel for 9/12 months here...

  2. Ohhhh Baby Puffer Vests get me every time!! Just ordered one from the GAP of course! I'm kicking myself for skipping out on tiny Toms this season, too! I will have to make it up by splurging on baby Hunter wellies :)

    1. Someday [I hope] I'll have a little girl and then I'll be splurging on pink wellies and fluffy Uggs! :)