Monday, September 21, 2015


I've never been creative so we'll just go with this...

I have an announcement: 
Baby #2 is due April 12th! 

This tiny announcement is the #1 reason my blogging activity has dwindled 
from posting every-other-day 
to one post per week, 
usually about the 30 Day Writing Challenge
which I'm so happy I partook in because otherwise this blog would be crickets. 

 The funny thing about being pregnant is that it really does consume all of you. 
Future plans. 
Expanding waistlines. 
Baby names. 
You get the idea. 
It's hard to write a blog when every other word is 
"I'm so tired because first trimester sucks the life out of me." 
(which is basically all I wanted to write here)
"I'm a ticking time bomb of hormones." 
 (Perhaps why the snide comment about 'Big Law Firm' sent me into a long post here)
And while I'm generally okay broadcasting my life to total strangers, 
I felt that we should at least checklist off a few select people
prior to blog-announcing. 
And that took a lot longer than planned. 
With Aaron, we carefully crafted all these reveals. 
Poor neglected Baby #2's announcement is  "oh yeah, I'm pregnant." 
We DID do clever "Big Brother" t-shirt with our immediate families, 
but that was the extent of our creativity.

Now it's all out there!
I tried documenting this first trimester much more this time 
(with Aaron I didn't start until around 15 weeks
so expect upcoming blog posts on that. 

But until then...
I'm going to go back to dreaming of sleep. 


  1. Yay!! So excited for y'all and can't wait to find out what #2 will be! Hope the exhaustion hits the road soon so you can do important things like blog ;)

  2. Whooo hoooo!!! Congratulations!!!!!