Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Books I Read (Aug-Sept)

And another segment of random readings... 

Are you there, vodka?  It's me, Chelsea. 
By Chelsea Handler 

I think I read this book in 2 days. 
It's easy read, pretty funny, and fairly short. 
I have to admit, I related more to this book than previous female authors 
like Amy Poehler and even Tina Fey. 
Should I be concerned?  

If you've seen anything of Chelsea Lately 
(is that show even still running?
it's prime Chelsea. 
Her inappropriate humor, 
her awkward family, 
her love of midgets, 
and general laughs on life.  

 Crazy Rich Asians 
by Kevin Kwan

This book follows a few billionaire families, 
and an interconnected storyline around a single wedding.
It certainly has its slow parts, 
and some stories were far more interesting than others, 
but overall it was a decent read 
if you like reading about billionaires, 
their ridiculous spending, 
and a somewhat cliche "average peasant vs royalty" Cinderella story.

Your Name is Renee 
by Stacy Cretzmeyer

I own this book from my college holocaust class, 
and is one of the very few books we still have in our house. 
I had finished my current library books, 
and all my new ones were still being transferred inter-library, 
so I pulled this classic out and re-read it. 

This book is truly a beautiful read.
This story is told by Renee, through her 4-8 year old eyes, 
as her family flees around France to avoid Nazi capture. 
It's beautiful, it's sad, but (spoiler alert!) the family ends up together, 
a total rarity amongst Holocaust books. 

Also, I met the girl - Renee herself! - in college, 
and she is wonderful, spunky, and amazing

 The Royal We 
by Heather Cocks
This is a lonnnnngggg novel. 
I would go on multiple power reading sessions, 
and say to myself: "Whew, I must be halfway through" 
and when I snapped the book shut and checked my bookmark... 
not even 1/4 of the way through.  
Maybe an 1/8. 
Did I mention this is a LONG book.

Other thing I'd add is, don't read the Prologue
The Prologue jumps ahead like 10 years to some unidentified "issue"
and while it's supposed to leave the reader eager to unlock the mystery, 
I just plain found it annoying. 

Back to the book itself. 
The first 1/3 and last 1/3 are my favorite. 
The middle 1/3 is kind of depressing and draggggs on. 
Once I got through the middle part, I whizzed on to the end!

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up
 by Marie Kondo 

I'm a pretty tidy person anyway, 
so I figured I wouldn't learn a lot from this book. 

I've never felt so inspired after a book. 
I took frantic notes in my iPhone notes section, 
and am mentally booking myself a vacation home 
where I just purge our entire house. 
I am already making lists of things to purge. 
I am so excited I cannot speak. 

(Full breakdown of this book and how it impacted me is here)

Coming soon... 
I'm ONLY #64 on the waiting list at the library. 
So... maybe in two months? 
At least it's closer than being #90, 
which is where I stand for 
"Primates of Park Avenue"


  1. I'm seriously impressed with all of your reading. If I spent less time facebooking and instagramming, maybe I could accomplish this one day? Let me know what you think of Mindy's new book- I liked her first one!

  2. I really want to read "Crazy Rich Asians" and "Your Name Is Renee." Thanks for some good recommendations.