Monday, September 28, 2015

Getaway Weekend

I have been anxiously waiting for this getaway weekend for a while 
and it finally arrived!  
It kicked off with a bit of a scare, 
but ended up being picture perfect (literally). 

After a wonderful stay-cation this past week, 
we left Aaron in the care of Adam's parents 
and made the 3.5 hour drive to Penn state. 
We checked in to our hotel, the "luxurious" Days Inn
(location location location
and got all ready to go out. 

... And THEN I started spotting like crazy.
After 11 clean pregnancy weeks, 

I was not prepared for this. 

Cue freak out. 
Here we are 3.5 hours away from my OB, 
in a college town that probably doesn't specialize in prenatal care, 
and the closest hospital is where Adam had a verrrry bad experience 
when his appendix was out in college. 

All I could think is: 
"oh please not now, not here". 
I called my OB who was completely unphased. 
She told me if it gets heavy with cramping, then I'm probably miscarrying. 
If not, I can spot all weekend and they will see me Monday 
(I already had my 12 week appt booked). 
The only instructions were "no sex" which I thought was a tad humorous, 
given the fact that it was our getaway weekend. 

We went out shopping briefly but I started to get pain 
and rushed us back to the hotel. 
I was still spotting so we opted to just lie in bed for a while. 
While there, my mind flashed back to my first prenatal visit with Aaron, 
almost immediately before I set off to Africa to visit my friend Amanda
and the doctor had warned that I could spot a bit from carrying around my luggage. 
 I had recently hauled in my luggage from the parking lot up the stairs to the hotel, 
without thinking twice about it. 
I'm not some dainty girl who can't carry her own shit, 
and long ago Adam got used to this so he rarely tries to intervene. 
However, as soon as I mentioned my memory to Adam, 
he declared: 
"You are not carrying anything again all weekend. 
Not even a shopping bag!" 

Long story short, 
the spotting stopped and we were able to have a fantastic weekend. 

We went to dinner at The Deli
where I got the best warmed goat cheese salad of my life. 
(I resisted taking pictures of all my food... you can thank me.) 

Still a wee bit nervous about spotting, 
I didn't want to cram into a packed college bar, 
so opted for Mad Mex
where Adam enjoyed a margarita and I polished off an entire bag of chips and salsa. 
Amanda, I thought of you! 

That night we got a BLISSFUL 10 hours of sleep. 

The next morning was breakfast at the Waffle Shop on College Ave, 
followed by more shopping, 
then a 3-hour hang at Cafe 210 West
where we "splurged" on $9 pitcher of Blue Moon for Adam. 

One of the funniest things about the trip was alcohol prices. 
It is absolutely normal to pay $8 for a 12 oz beer in Philadelphia. 
But in State College, you pay $9 for a 48-oz pitcher! 
It was just silly how cheap it was. 
Too bad I couldn't take advantage. 
(I had a few sips, of course)

 Because we didn't eat enough Cafe 210 (HAHAHA), 
we stopped by the Creamery on our way to the stadium, 
indulging in the BEST ice cream I've had in ages. 

And then THE GAME! 
We had scalped our tickets the night before, 
paying dirt cheap prices for really good seats. 
We got to them only to find out that they included seat backs
I have never been so comfortable during a football game ever
Oh my. 

Oh, and Penn State won! 
Which is always good. 
(Especially when it's a game you're supposed to win) 

 And the sunset to commemorate the win was breath-taking

we trudged down the hill and stopped at my favorite destination: 

A little backstory to Canyon:
I've mentioned before how I dated a guy (not Adam) at Penn State all through college. 
He lived directly across the stress from the famous Canyon Pizza, 
which has been serving $1 pizza slices forever. 
(The only place I've ever seen where the price hasn't budged a penny in 10+ years.)
We used to stand on my ex's balcony watching the late-night drunk crowd gather, 
and when the line was short enough, 
run down to grab a slice or two. 

I was afraid that it wouldn't taste as good in my sober state. 
But it was AH-MAZ-ING. 
Every ounce of pizza deliciousness even without the extreme drunkenness. 

Another BLISSFUL 10 hour night sleep, 

and we headed home the next day, 
first swinging by the Creamery to grab a few gallons to take home 
(for us and friends, trust me we don't need that much ice cream). 

 How did Aaron do without us? 
He had the BEST time with Adam's parents and my parents. 
Lots of cupcakes, no naps, and little adventures like tree climbing. 

 You'd think when we walked in the door that he'd RUN to us in glee, right? 
We walked in the door and he RAN AWAY declaring: 
 "No good home!  
I stay at Gamma and Gampa's house!  
I play with toys." 

Nothing makes a mother feel loved like being rejected for toys. 


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  1. Scary about the spotting but glad it turned out to be ok- I remember those pregnancy nerves all too well! And glad y'all had a good time, but mostly glad you ate Mexican food and thought of me :) This makes me excited for our getaway this weekend- woo hoo!