Friday, September 4, 2015

I'm so tired

Warning: This 100% a whining post 
We've had a rough few weeks. 

Adam has been 2 major deals going on at work
and has been getting home anywhere from midnight to 1:30am. 
Although I am happy he's home in the mornings, 
I sense very soon that he'll be spending the night there. 
And that... 
that's just a whole new level of "I can't handle this" 
(but I will anyway, because that's what we moms do)
(Adam passed out on the couch last weekend while Aaron climbed all over him)

Meanwhile, at my work
we lost two people in our finance department, 
at the exact same time as I'm taking over a new position. 
Some days I feel like I'm doing 3 people's jobs. 
And it sucks. 

On top of all that, 
Aaron has been going through a no-nap phase. 
Like, he'll nap every other day. 
If he doesn't nap, 
it is full on MELTDOWN MODE by 5pm. 
Everything is a tantrum or tears. 
On these days,  I occasionally put him to bed at 6pm just for the sanity relief.

It hasn't been all roses and rainbows over here at the Cole household. 
And unfortunately I don't see much relief for the next few weeks. 
We do have our Penn State trip later this month, 
which I am hoping/praying/begging that Big Law Firm doesn't ruin.

I promise I'll return to cheery, happy posts shortly. 

In the meantime, I'm going to go back to dreaming about sleep.


  1. Argh that is rough- I'm sorry! Hopefully Adam's work will slow down and Aaron's resistance to naps is a short-lived phase. Why don't these children understand what's good for them and do it?! (There's a parallel in that question that would make for a great sermon topic, in my opinion!)

  2. Oh Emily -- I'm thinking of you. This is really rough. I hope things slow down for Adam soon and that Aaron starts napping again. The 5pm meltdowns are THE WORST and then not having extra support at night is hard.