Friday, September 25, 2015


In yet another episode of "eat our words," 
Adam and I swore we'd never do a "stay-cation."  
We mocked those who stay home all week instead of planning a decent trip. 
Funny the things we tell ourselves before we become parents.

A few key points to our stay-cation:

House Clean-out: 
Inspired by this book, I went on a cleaning spree. 
I hauled off all unwanted toddler clothes and toys to JBF
The remaining adult clothes and household goods 
(including a few clutch items like the Roomba, Heineken Kegerator, etc) 
were scheduled for Purple Heart pickup
I bring this up because it was on my list of 25 goals to get rid of this Heineken Kegerator. 

A Date Night with Dinner and a NON-Movie. 
Another of the 25 goals!  
Aaron went off to Monthly Kid Swap 
while Adam and I hit up our favorite outdoor bar/restaurant Taphouse 23 
followed by go-karts and bowling. 
The go-karts were particularly funny because I'm a pretty aggressive driver on the road but a TOTAL WIMP on go-karts. Meanwhile, Adam who won't go above 5 mph over the speed limit, was doing laps around my cautious driving. 
Also, it later occurred to me that go-karts fall on the list of "activities pregnant women shouldn't do." Whoops. 

Meanwhile, funny stories from the toddler sleepover! 
We had paused our monthly kid swap over the summer as both families were too busy. 
During this pause, we both took our boys out of cribs. 
This was the first sleepover where they were both out and mobile around the room. 
We expected them to be up for HOURS 
but a shocking 35 minutes later, 
the two were passed out on the toddler air mattress, 
perpendicular to each other, 
with both heads smushed in the corner. 
How cute is this?!

Monday was the Please Touch Museum 
which we referred to as the "toy museum". 
Sadly, the Please Touch Museum just announced bankruptcy. 
Adam and I could see the major wear and tear on the museum. 
In fact, we got a 30% discount and free tickets to come back because 1/3 of the museum was closed for roof structural problems. Such a pity because the building is absolutely beautiful and historic. 
BUT none of this meant anything to Aaron. 
He LOVED it and went from room to room and back again 
excitedly playing with "toys" and "riding the horses" (carousel). 

Tuesday was a big shopping day
I did the JBF drop-off first thing in the morning, 
then Adam, Aaron, and I hit both KOP and the outlets. 
I finally bought Laura Mercier's second skin blush I've been eyeing since spring 
(another item checked off my 25 list!). 
Then the rep was so wonderful 
(even making a "flag" for Aaron out of a-tips and makeup sponges!
that I ended up buying the setting powder too, 
and so far love much more than the Clinique I had been using. 
Adam got the best of the outlets by restocking his Nike golfing attire, 
and we snagged a few footie PJs for aaron cuz why not? 

Wednesday was the Philadelphia Zoo
Aaron zoomed through the zoo like a kid on a mission. 
No animal was allowed more than 0.3 seconds of attention. 
Also, Adam's mom suggested we bring the umbrella stroller. 
But we parents know best, right
We knew our active little guy would be determined to walk it all, right
I mean, that's what he does every time we bring the stroller. 
At exactly halfway through the zoo loop, 
Aaron demanded to be picked up and we took turns carrying the 34 lbs burden the rest of the way. 

Thursday was a MAGICAL DAY
Adam took Aaron over for a playdate with our nephew, 
while I spent the morning dusting off my maternity clothes 
and purging my closets. 
It wasn't a full Mamas Day Off
but it's the closest I'm going to get for a few months 
and OH MY was it amazing. 
Would I be a terrible mom to say that Thursday was my favorite day? 
Ok, so I won't say it. 

And that, my friends, is our "Stay-cation." 
This weekend we head off to Penn State for our getaway weekend
Please wish my parents and my in-laws the best of luck 
as they stay with Aaron 
and navigate Pope-apocalypse traffic


  1. This actually sounds amazing to me, and how fun that you get to top it off with your getaway this weekend! I took a brief stay-cation yesterday and went outlet shopping with Allison and it, too, was amazing. Now I plan to use my half day of non-work this afternoon to clean out my closet, so basically you and I have had similar weeks, minus the zoo and such.

    We still haven't switched the twins to beds because I'm just too nervous, but your sleepover success story with two toddlers gives me hope, so thanks!

    1. We didn't switch Sam to a regular bed until he was three and Rachel was two and a half, so, in my books, you still have some time!

  2. Okay, I somehow commented on Amanda's comment but not your actual post. Ooops.

    I have to admit one of my favourite times of the week is Saturday mornings. Dave takes Sam to Religious School and Rachel to music and Tot Shabbat/errands, and I get about four glorious hours to myself.

    As you can tell I use it for a variety of things -- getting organized, catching up on blogging, going for a run -- it's a beautiful thing.

    And I have doing a "stay-cation" on my list of 25 Things so I'm already looking forward to it. We had so much fun on our last (impromptu) one.