Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Week 12: Someone You Miss

Week 12 in the 30 Week Writing Challenge

Someone You Miss

Another topic I struggled with. 
There's not a whole lot of people in my life I actively miss. 
I haven't experienced any deaths, 
aside from grandparents growing old and going home.
I miss seeing my girlfriends as frequently as our single days, 
but that's part of getting older, 
and having careers, 
and poppin' out babies.

Instead, I think of people I wish I kept in contact with. 
People I miss being friends with, 
and wonder where they are now 
and what their life is like. 
(People who don't broadcast their life on facebook, dammit!)

And I came to my friend Lauren.  
Lauren and I met in 2nd grade. 
We were instantly BFF 
and that friendship continued when we were assigned to the same teacher in 3rd grade. 

After third grade, 
I was homeschooled 4th-9th
but our friendship continued. 
At exactly 2:45pm every day, 
when Lauren got off the bus, 
I would call her or she would call me, 
and we'd talk on the phone for however long our parents' let us. 

We both had amazing imaginations, 
and our weekend sleepovers included longggg hours of 
making up stories with our Pet Shops and American Girl dolls. 
I had Kirsten and she had Felicity, 
and we "borrowed" a second Kirsten and Molly from her sisters. 
 She also pushed me to read more, 
introducing me to classics like A Wrinkle in Time

When I went back to highschool in 10th grade, 
we sat together at lunch. 
But over time, our friendship started to fade away. 
I got more and more interested in things like boys
while Lauren focused on schoolwork, Harry Potter, and other intellectual pursuits.

By 11th grade, even when we were in the same AP classes 
("Advanced Placement" - aka, the snotty smart kid classes), 
we didn't sit together anymore. 
She was the student who sat quietly and paid attention, 
and I sat in the back and goofed off. 
I always wanted to beat her test scores, 
and although we were prettyyyyy close, 
I'm sure she won overall. 

After my family moved to Pennsylvania my senior year, 
we never talked again. 
I saw her briefly during highschool graduation when I came up to visit. 

I think that's the last time I've ever seen her. 

I would have liked to stay friends with her, 
to know what her life is like now, 
and to catch up once a year or something. 
But short of a random "small world" chance encounter, 
I don't see that happening.


  1. I have a lot of old friends that I think of like this- social media has allowed me to keep up with some of them, but of course, it's not the same as it was. You should try to track her down!

  2. This inspired me to Google my elementary school best friend. I may have found her so thanks for writing about your best friend. It's hard to stay in touch with everyone.