Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Week 15: Something excites you and fills you with joy

Week 15 of the 30 Week Writing Challenge

Something that excites you and fills you with joy 

International Traveling

So cliche but I so don't care. 

I love to travel overseas and I miss it so much. 
I get SO excited talking about my trips 
(my hands even start waving like a 6-month-old). 
I particularly love non-English speaking countries; 
I love the challenge. 
Reading a subway map in Ukrainian, 
ordering food in German, 
catching a cab in Hong Kong, 
and even crossing a busy street in Russia (TERRIFYING).
I'm all amped up just typing here! 

Summer 2005: Europe
My first overseas trip was with 44 other students 
on a 10-week International Business trip.  
Places we hit: 
Stockholm, Sweden;
Talin, Estonia;
St. Petersburg (beautiful) and Moscow (dirty!), Russia;
The Netherlands - dozens of cities, but we stayed in Oisterwijk;
Heidelberg, Germany; 
 Vienna and Innsbruck, Austria;
Lucerne, Switzerland;
Prague, Czech Republic; 
Paris, France; 
London, England 

Prague, my favorite picture the whole trip

Summer 2006: Ukraine 
I took a week off my summer internship at Deloitte 
to travel to the Ukraine with my accounting professor 
and another student, 
to teach an Accounting Fraud Seminar.
We flew in and out of Kiev, 
and then drove to Zaporozyhe to Hope Internationals' office there.
In all my travels, Zaporozyhe is by far the dirtiest city I've ever been to. 
Kiev has this massive statue called the Motherland Monument that towers over the city.
This picture in no way does its size justice.

Spring Break 2007: Hong Kong
We were in a college class, 
and my friend Michelle turns to me: 
"Hey, I want to visit my friend studying abroad in Hong Kong.  Wanna come?" 
I canceled the cliche Cancun spring break plans I had with my boyfriend at the time, 
and we set off to Hong Kong. 

The city of Hong Kong from Victoria Peak 
The smog is absolutely atrocious in the city. 
Impossible to get a clear shot.

Summer 2007: Italy 
Since we canceled Cancun, 
my then-boyfriend and I decided to go to Italy instead.  
We started in Rome, then Florence, Venice, and finally Milan. 
Rome was cool with ruins. 
Florence was beautiful. 
Venice was dirty, but cool. 
Milan was just casual fun. 
Every place had the BEST food I've ever eaten EVER. 
Every meal was phenomenal. 


Summer 2008: Spain 
One of the girls I used to babysit was studying abroad in Paris, 
and her exact words were: 
"You're the only friend I have with a real job, 
and thus you have money; 
wanna come with me to Spain with me?" 
We hit up Madrid, Granada, and Barcelona. 

Royal Palace of Madrid

Summer 2009: London, Paris, Amsterdam 
Finally a couple, 
Adam and I set off for Adam's first European experience. 
This was also my first time since Ukraine that we stayed in REAL HOTEL ROOMS 
(NOT hostels) 
and it was amazingggggg. 

Sacre-Coeur in Paris

Summer 2012: Kenya 
As I mentioned before
my BFF Amanda has been living in Kenya for photo-journalism, 
and in August 2012 
- 8 weeks pregnant and unable to drink for the 18 hour flights
my little sister Rebecca and I traveled over to see her. 

Nairobi National Park

And that's that. 
I guess I also went to Mexico and Canada in highschool, 
and St Lucia for our honeymoon, 
but that doesn't really count to me. 
I have to suffer through a 6+ hour plane ride to call it international travel.

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  1. I love travel too! I've been to all these places except for Hong Kong and Kenya and Estonia. My "things which excite me" post is coming tomorrow. Hint: It is nowhere near as exciting as this :)