Tuesday, October 27, 2015

16 Weeks

Week 16 

I swear I feel movement. 
My OB advised that 2nd pregnancy movements are felt much sooner
 (I felt Aaron at 18 weeks)
because the brain already knows what to look for. 
Aren't our brains clever? 

It's happened twice. 
Once when I was getting my heart echo
and once lying wide awake in bed trying to fall asleep 
(rare nowadays!). 
That strange kind of flutter that makes you think: 
"Wait, what was that?" 

Baby Size

Total Weight Gain
6 lbs

With Aaron, I had gained 5 lbs at this point. 
Pregnancy Goals: FAILING

I still wake up at 3am a lot, 
but have been putting myself back to sleep. 

Eh, nothing spectacular. 
Maybe oreos. 
But I'd eat an oreo any day of my life. 
After all, 

Anything Make Me Ill
The numbers on the scale.

Symptoms of the Week
Not drinking.

What I miss
Do you know what it's like doing a brewery tour pregnant? 
I have now done TWO brewery tours pregnant. 
Harpoon Brewery in Boston 
and Sly Fox in Pottstown, PA. 
It's sad doing a brewery tour pregnant. 
Very sad. 

Embarrassing Cry of the Week
Still tear-free. 
I think Aaron sucks all the energy out of me, 
so there is no room for tears. 

Still Running?
I made it up to 3.5 miles this week! 
That's a new pregnancy record! 
I felt AWESOME too, 
but then I was dead afterwards for like 24 hours.  

Excited for
We have been amping Aaron up for Halloween 
ever since September when we first bought his costume. 
(Because I'm an over-planner like that.) 
Seriously, I am SO EXCITED to take this child trick-o-treating. 
He tells EVERYONE that he is going to be a minion for Halloween. 
His daycare teachers hear it every day. 

General Mood
I definitely feel like I'm getting my energy back. 
Of course, there are still times I plop on the couch 
and declare that I SHALL NOT MOVE unless there is fire or blood. 
But overall, I feel like more like my typical productive self, 
and less like the black cloud of grumpy exhaustion. 

16 Weeks with Aaron. 


  1. Is it strange that reading this post made me want to go eat an avocado...? Props to you on the running and going on the brewery tour despite your current "condition"- ha!

  2. And now the Oreos in our cupboard are calling my name. We don't usually have them but they were on sale.

    Also, I know I felt Rachel move much earlier than I did Sam, but I think that's because I knew what to feel for. And YAY for having more energy!