Friday, October 2, 2015

First Trimester: 1-6 Weeks

I definitely forgot most of my first trimester with Aaron. 
When symptoms set in this round, 
Adam would say: "I remember this
and I wouldn't. 
Perhaps because I never had any violent sickness  
(certainly no Kate Middleton)

Or maybe I just blocked some of it.

This go-round, I wanted to track this week-by-week. 
Or at least my first trimester week-by-week. 
I make no promises on subsequent second and third trimester weeks. 

Weeks 1-2: 
Not even remotely pregnant. 

Weeks 3-4: 
Ok, we did everything we were supposed to. 
Now we just wait. 
And wait. 
2 weeks has never felt so long. 
(Side note: those who go years with infertility issues... 
how do you keep your sanity?)

Late Week 4: Exhaustion

I remember this very distinctly from Aaron. 
I had just started a new job 
and was learning so much in such a short time. 
My brain was on overload 
and my physical body was on overload. 
I fell asleep in meetings with my boss 
(how embarrassing! can't believe they kept me!) 

Ironically, this time around, 
I'm in a new (non-travel!) position, 
learning a lot in a short time.

In the first week weeks, 
I would go to bed at 8:30pm.

Cravings: Sushi.  

I think most of the pregnancy food bans are way overrated, 
but as long as it's available, 
I'll stick with the cooked sushi 
(Spicy Shrimp Roll - MMMmmm)


When I get up, I NEED to eat within ~30 minutes
or I can feel my body threatening: "EAT OR ELSE!" 
Even the smallest nibble will satisfy. 

Cravings: Deli Meat Sandwiches

One morning at 9:30am at work, 

I wanted a deli meat sandwich SO BAD. 
But who is serving deli sandwiches at 9:30am? 

I bolted to the glorious Wegmans, 
but their sub counter wasn't open yet. 
The employee prepping food saw the crazy look in my eyes, 
and made me a 7" Italian sandwich. 
He laughed and told me stories of his wife's pregnancy cravings. 
I appreciated that he understood my trials and tribulations. 

Week 6: "Hungover Sickness."

Again, I was no Kate Middleton so I struggle with calling it "Morning Sickness."
But it was probably was.
I never threw up, 
but it was like a never-ending hangover.
The kind of queasy, sticky hot, miserable feeling. 
All freakin' morning long.
Nothing was appetizing, 
and then when it was
all I wanted was greasy carby food. 

I had never heard first trimester described like this, 
but then I stumbled on this blog's pregnancy announcement and halfway down, 
she describes the "hungover feeling" 
and I was all: "YES, SOMEONE GETS IT"

Cravings: white, processed, bad-for-you carbs

Food aversions: Deli Meat

Stay tuned for the second half of the first trimester!


  1. With Sam I was exhausted for two or three weeks straight and then the nausea hit in FULL FORCE. With Rachel I knew I was pregnant before we even tested because the nausea started early. And it never ended until she was born. I spent the entire nine months on drugs which just kept me in a perpetual "I have a hangover" state. It was lovely.

    And with Sam I existed on Nibs and Coke for about a week because it was the only thing I could keep down. Healthy pregnancy for the win!!!

    But my kids are worth it. Now :)

  2. Ugh the first trimester yucky feeling is just the worst... I never barfed either but almost wished that I would just so I could feel better! Here's to hoping the 2nd trimester "burst of energy" comes soon!