Monday, October 5, 2015

First Trimester: 7-12 Weeks

Here's the second half of the First Trimester Recap... 
(first half here

Week 7: Recovery from Week 6 

After the horrible week that WEEK 6, I made some changes. 
At my mom's suggestion, 
I ate 3-4 saltine crackers before I even lifted my head off the pillow in the morning. 
That helped a lot.
I felt really guilty about my diet, 
which could be summed up in:
boxed mac & cheese, 

take-out pizza, 
hot dogs (nitrate toxin!),
and other super-refined carbs. 
Again, I'm all for cheating
but this was full on anarchy.

On Week 7, I worked extra hard on adding fruits and veggies, 
and a funny thing happened: I got less sick! 
Imagine that!

Other big part of Week 7? 

 (I appreciate that I look nothing like this skinny, non-gestating chick, 
but that doesn't change the message)

A quick trip to Victoria's Secret confirmed I went from 34C to 32DD.
Holy hell. 

Cravings: Quincy Lobster Rolls 
(helluva expensive craving!)

Oh, and a 7-week "baby bump" picture. 
Except it's really just me trying on my StitchFix dress: 

Week 8: 


Cravings: Ice Cream 

Week 9: 

Cravings: Ice Cream 

Week 10: 


Cravings: Ice Cream

Ok, so I did a poor just documenting Weeks 8-10, 
but really, it was just exhausting
 'Nuff said. 

 Week 11: Bust out the maternity clothes 
+ HOLY HELL Itchy Boobs

I probably could have kept wearing my regular clothes, 
but I decided during our stay-cation to take advantage of the free time, 
and hell, once the maternity clothes are in the closet, 
why not start wearing them? 
Especially that stretchy yoga-like band on pants. 

On a less-enjoyable topic, 
WHAT THE HELL itchy boobs. 
It was the first pregnancy symptom I googled with Baby #2. 
At first I tried the organic route of coconut oil. 
Then I decided to go old school and do vaseline. 
Finally, I thought back to my breastfeeding days 
and busted out the tube of Eucerin Skin Calming cream
I'm not a huge fan of their products, 
in terms of the "what the hell is in this" list of ingredients. 
But when it's the only thing that helps, I DON'T CARE. 

Cravings: Champagne. 
Ok, don't laugh, but I started craving the bubbly like CRAZY. 
As controversial as this is, 
my OBGYN assured me I could have an occasional drink, 
so I have a once-a-week glass of sparkling wine, 
and it seriously tastes like NECTAR OF THE GODS. 

Week 12: 
Baby Bump

This probably started developing Week 11, 
but by Week 12 I could fell the definitely baseball-sized bump in my belly, 
securely contained, of course, below a nice layer of belly fat. 
But it's there, 
enough that Adam can fell it. 
Unlike some of the skinny mini preggo ladies out there, 
I never have a cute little bump. 
I generally just look "thick." 
In the "seriously, lay off the donuts" kind of way. 
My maternity pants have taken over my wardrobe, 
although my maternity shirts are still nicely tucked away. 
I can stretch my regular shirts pretty far, 
and I learned with my first pregnancy that I got SO SICK of my maternity shirts, 
so I'm putting those off as long as possible. 

Also, this was a pretty rough week at work. 
It was our first month-end close down 2 staff 
and I felt the full weight of the extra work. 

I also had some pretty ridiculous Cravings

Panera Strawberry-Ginseng Smoothie, 
Bagels with cream cheese, 
Honey Mustard Panini 

The funny thing about the honey mustard panini was 
that I didn't particularly care what meat or cheese was on it, 
I just knew I wanted honey mustard to ooze out of every bite. 
I ended up with ham, cheddar, and honey mustard on rye. 

Also, I need to start taking bump shots. 


  1. I'm jealous because my boobs never got bigger during pregnancy! They definitely did while I was nursing, but that was different. Now they are like sad, deflated balloons. Yay!

    Also, I love that StitchFix dress and it looks super cute on you, so I hope you got it!

  2. I broke out my maternity pants at week 9 for baby #2. Awesomeness.

    And yes, I never got nice boobs either. Definitely a pregnancy symptom I could have gone for :)