Friday, October 9, 2015

It's a boy!

I knew it was a boy. 
I just knew it. 
Enough that I bought this shirt: 

When I went in for my first sequential screening, 
I casually mentioned to the ultrasound tech: 
"I know this isn't the point of the appointment, 
but I'm absolutley convinced it's a boy, 
so if you see a weiner*, 
can you just point it out?" 
The tech laughed and assured me it's hard to see so early (13.5 weeks). 
Lucky for us, Baby #2 was flipping, kicking, and sprawling all over my womb,
giving the tech a nice view of the goods. 
And while we have no ultrasound picture proof
trust me that we both saw the illusive weiner. 
But let's back up a bit, shall we? 
I know you'll hear mothers all the time, 
"Oh I swear I'm having a boy/girl.
I just have a feeling." 
Well, mine was more than a feeling. 
It was based on sound scientific evidence. 
Here were my top four clues:

1. Conception Timing. 
No one needs the specifics, 
but if you're super curious, 
you can get some basic ideas in this article here

If everything this article says about timing is correct, 
it had to be a boy. 
No questions asked. 

2. Identical Symptoms. 
While I didn't document my first trimester with Aaron like I am now, 
I can tell you that the symptoms are identical. 
The ONLY new symptom is my itchy boobs, 
most likely due to my history of nursing 
(which obviously was not a factor last time). 

3. Weight Placement. 
Now we're inching into the "old wives tales" section, 
but those with boys gain all over while those with girls tend to pop. 
I am MOST DEFINITELY an "all over" gainer.

4. My Mom Predicted It 
Now we're just plain venturing into weird territory, 
but my mom has a funny sense about these things 
and often is right. 
She told me long ago that I was destined to be a mother of all boys.

So there we have it. 

Now I can start buying the cute baby clothes this little boy doesn't need.

*Yes, I know it's juvenile to call it a weiner instead its proper term. 
Perhaps it was growing up with all sisters 
that I developed the same aversion to the p-word as 
I'm sure the p-word will rear its ugly head (har har) 
once Aaron gets to kindergarten and all, 
but in the meantime... 


  1. Yay, so exciting!! Congrats on baby boy #2! I, too, had a hunch that it was a boy, but there is absolutely no basis or logic behind my hunch, ha!

  2. Lol at the Baby Centre article - I have heard about the timing and it makes 100% sense to me (with the male sperm being faster but living shorter, and the female living longer but being slower) but the wooden spoon under the bed and pink ribbon under the pillow?... I wish I could use the laughing/crying emoji. Congrats on Baby #2! #boymom :)

    1. I agree - the sperm thing makes sense but WHAT IN THE WORLD with the wooden spoon?!?!?!?!

  3. Congrats on your second boy!!! So exciting!!!

    My dad knew that Sam was a boy because he's also intuitive like that, especially when it comes to me. (We didn't find out the gender with Sam but we did with Rachel.) I don't think he guessed we would name Sam after him though so we had the last laugh :)