Friday, October 23, 2015

That Dreaded Moment Where My Child Has Opinions

One of the greatest things about nonverbal children, 
is the lack of opinions. 
Opinions are a fundamental step in development 
and self-expression. 

And just this week, 
we embarked on a brand new set of opinions:
The Outfit Opinion. 

I used to be able to just dress Aaron is whatever outfit I chose. 
Then we made the mistake of buying him ONE character shirt (Thomas) 
and that freakin' shirt became a daily request. 
I've stuck to a pretty strict "wear once than launder" 
because I like wasting water. 
Which means he can only wear his Thomas shirt once a week. 

But now... NOW he is starting to demand other outfit pieces. 
The shirts still abide by the "wear once and launder" rule. 
But other pieces, like his red Hunter boots, don't fit that excuse. 

This morning, I carried in his laundry basket full of fresh clean folded clothes. 
He immediately starts picking through to decide what he wants to wear. 
Lesson learned: put clothes away in secret! 
I suppose that at 2.5, it is time for me to accept the inevitable. 
My child has opinions on what he wears. 
And there's only so many battles to fight. 
So yes, we will be leaving the house like this now: 
 The black-on-navy kills my soul


  1. Ha, this is such a classic toddler outfit and I love it!! Colby doesn't so much have opinions on what he does want to wear as what he does not want to wear (shirts with collars). I, too, have to put away laundry in secret, but that's mostly because of Clara. Hooray for opinionated little ones!

  2. Oh Rachel definitely has clothes opinions. It's particularly awesome when I pick out the kids' clothes for the week and then Dave has to deal with the clothing related meltdowns. Well, at least it's awesome for me :) Ha! (Also I am dreading the teenage clothes fights it the four-year-old ones are any indication.)