Thursday, October 8, 2015

Week 13

The nausea returns! 
After a horrible Week 6 and a recovery in Week 7, 
I thought I was home-free in horrible nausea mornings. 

Perhaps some of Week 13 was how much work sucked, 
which I'm in the process of writing a venting post about. 
Stay tuned for that uplifting gem. 

Onward ho. 
I enjoyed writing my bump updates for Aaron, 
so here goes for Baby #2. 
I don't promise a bump picture every time. 

Baby Size

Total Weight Gain
4 lbs 
After 12 weeks I had gained only 2 lbs and was pretty proud of myself. 
Then I stepped on the scale at 13 weeks and saw a +2 lbs bump and gasped: 

Generally good, but I occasionally wake up around 3-4am unable to get back to sleep. 
Midnight leg cramps have started early this pregnancy, 
and the two ways I'm trying to counter them are by: 
a) actually remembering to take my iron vitamin
b) prenatal yoga. 
I'm VERY tempted to purchase this pillow
It receives the best reviews compared to the generic ones. 
But my biggest hold-up is that Adam and I are still in a double bed 
(yes, you read that right, a double bed) 
and I'm afraid there isn't enough room for a full body pillow.

Whole Grain Pasta 
I ate buttered whole grain pasta for dinner 4 times this week. 

Anything Make Me Ill

Symptoms of the Week

What I miss
 Tucking in my shirts. 
It's trendy, dammit. 

Embarrassing Cry of the Week
So far no break-down monumental sob fests. 
(Knock on wood) 
I do tear up at commercials (still)

Still Running?
I added this category because I want to track my exercise as long as possible. 
As of this point, I am still at 3 miles. 
However, they are very slooowwww 3 miles. 
I'm talking like 13 minutes per mile. 
I swear I'm not walking. 
It's more like a "jog." 
Or... yogging.
Excited for
The cool fall weather returns! 
Highs in the low 70s! 
I LOVE breaking out my bright pink trench coat every morning.

General Mood
Work has not been good, 
and it's killing both my energy and my mood. 
Additionally, Aaron has been particularly fussy 
and prone to Terrible-Two-Tantrums 
(I totally jinxed myself here). 
I'm not sure how much is him
versus him feeding off my stressed-out vibes. 


I promised myself I'd take better Bump pictures this round. 
So far I'm batting a negative because this 
was taken in the bathroom at work. 
(It was move day, so that's why I look so casual... just disclaiming)

At least I cropped out the toilets. 
Be thankful for that!


  1. Hooray for bump pics! I caught a (thankfully brief) stomach bug this week and was once again reminded how miserable pregnancy nausea was- I feel for you! Also, I know this is not the main point of this post, but are you actually allowed to wear cropped jeans (I think that's what they are) to work? If so, I am totally jealous.

  2. So Dave and I aren't the last married couple on earth to still have a double bed! Yes, that was my main takeaway from this post :)

    And I'm sorry the nausea has returned. I totally feel your pain.