Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Week 15

Second pregnancy definitely flies by. 

First pregnancy is like: "I'm 12 weeks and 3.5 days!" 

My heart doctor asked how far along I was and replied: 
"13. No 14. No wait, 15!" 

I used to memorize the pregnancy apps and read every word. 
Now I open it to check fruit size and skim the first few sentences. 
Apparently week 15 is supposed to be a rise in energy (haha) 
which can stimulate feelings of frisky-ness. 
 Oh really now? 
Does this take into account the 2.5 year old who screamed through bedtime routine? 

Baby Size

Total Weight Gain
5 lbs. 
I am officially failing at my Pregnancy Goals
because with Aaron I had gained 4 lbs at Week 15 and now I'm at 5 lbs. 
So... I need to get a handle on this stat.

Pretty good. 

Nothing that stands out this week. 

What I miss
Not being fat. 
I know, I know. 
"You're not fat, you're growing a baby!" 
This past weekend we were at my in-laws, 
and my SIL is 2 weeks ahead of me, 
and has this adorable tiny baby bump. 
I look like I ate Jabba the Hut.

Still Running?
3 miles!

Excited for
Bar tour this weekend! 
Yes you read that right. 
Our friends are doing a bar tour and we shall be eagerly participating. 
The funniest part is that the chick coordinating is also pregnant. 
So it's going to be a bunch of drunk people, 
and then us.

General Mood
To be fair, we had a REALLY good weekend this past weekend. 
Aaron was pretty much an Angel Child, 
and we had a lot of fun visiting friends, family, 
and hanging out in the beautiful cool weather. 
But on Monday, we moved into our new "open office" HQ
I should write a whole post about open office, 
because I have many many many thoughts on it, 
but the gist is that every. single. employee. 
(including the most executive level president) 
sits in a cubicle. 
They are supposedly "work stations" 
but that's a BS name. 
It's supposed to foster collaboration and communication, 
and is totally the trend in corporate america. 
Problem is that it SUCKS BALLS
I'm on day 2 and I'm reading to go hide in a closet. 
I miss my office. 
I miss my door. 
I miss actually have valid conversations with my coworkers, 
because there were not 500 other coworkers who could listen in! 

Moving on... 
obligatory bump photo. 

Link to Week 15 with Aaron is here
It was my first blogpost ever. 
And I didn't include a single photo.


  1. I think you look great, for what that's worth :) And boo to your dumb open office. I really would not like that either so I'd love to hear your honest feedback about the whole thing!

    Also, according to TimeHop, 3 years ago today was the day in my pregnancy that I sobbed about chicken salad. Just sharing that to remind you that the insanity that comes along with pregnancy is temporary... as is the weight gain :)

  2. You really do look good. And I also looked (and felt) like I ate Jabba The Hut for much of my pregnancy with Rachel. I think it's a second pregnancy thing.

    I do think the open office concept sucks. When my co-workers are talking, I find it hard to concentrate and I get so distracted. That's why I get way more work done, in way less time, on my work at home days, or on the days when only the other two full-time people are there -- each in their own office :)