Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Week 16: Something you regret not doing in the last year

Week 16 in the 30 Week Writing Challenge

Something that you regret not doing in the last year

I regret not doing a girls' getaway weekend

There are three of us who have been BFF since highschool. 
I moved from NY to PA my senior year of highschool, 
and shortly thereafter met Erin. 
Erin had been friends with Meghan since childhood, 
and soon I was friends with Meghan, too. 

(Us as highschool babies... and no, I don't know what I was thinking with that shirt)

The three of us remained friends through college, 
occasionally taking weekend trips to visit each other
at our respective universities. 

After college, Meghan went to the West Coast for her phD, 
while Erin and I started our jobs, got married, and had kids. 
During "wedding season" a few years back, 
we saw each other a lot with bachelor parties, showers, and weddings. 
Now, we're lucky to catch each other at Christmas. 

This past year we did our first ever "Friends Vacation
with 3 couples + 3 kids + 1 dog in a beach house. 
It was fun, 
but I had verrryyy little time with just Erin and Meghan. 
We spent all day chasing around children, 
and by the time evenings came, 
we all crashed on the couch with our spouses/significant others.

Erin, Meghan, and I have always talked about a girls' vacation, 
but we just haven't done it. 
And now, with a new baby on the way, 
plus a year (and hopefully more) of breastfeeding, 
I don't see it happening for at least another two years. 
I wish we had done it sooner. 

That said, any suggestions? 

I'm thinking (in order): 

1. Spa retreat 
(where? I hear Arizona has some amazing ones)

2. Beach resort 
(where? we used to go to Florida as a family but now I'm thinking caribbean?)

3. NYC, we've done this before so I think I'd opt for something more relaxing


  1. Sounds like fun and you should definitely start planning so you have something to look forward to :) I don't have any exciting suggestions, but your options all sound good!

  2. Oh this sounds like fun. I would go for the beach escape, personally. Lots of time to relax, hang out, and catch up. Plus the beach!