Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Week 17: Someone who broke your heart

Week 17 in the 30 Week Writing Challenge

Someone who broke your heart

I laughed out loud at this topic, 
immediately thinking of all my elementary and middle school crushes whose unrequited love was too much for my innocent young heart to bear. 
:: Pause for dramatic effect :: 

Then I thought of all my "serious" relationships in highschool and college 
(or, as serious as you can get back then).

I thought of my junior year of highschool, 
when I met this boy named Luke. 

Luke had the appeal of being a bad boy, 
without actually being that bad of a boy. 
Of all the guys I dated, 
he was the most physically similar to Adam, 
except Luke had red hair (my first and last redhead). 
 Back then it was the "boy next door" bod 
but now its the "dad bod." 

(Apparently I'm really into that type of "bod.")

Luke also had his own truck. 
And, in the mind of a teenage girl, 
is there anything hotter than a boy with his truck? 
(Don't answer that.  Seriously, don't.)

I spent the summer of 2002 hanging out with Luke. 

Our first time hanging outside of school was at the local county fair, 
and our first kiss was under the fireworks that night. 
(Cue sappy music) 

We hiked the state parks of Upstate NY.

We hit up the drive-thru at Taco Bell 
(although I never ate their tacos - and still don't - so I ate the Choco Taco) 

We went to WalMart.
(small town livin'!)

We hung out in his living room watching TV, 
and eating hot pockets, 
which his mother oh-so-generously stocked in the freezer. 
His parents liked me because they knew when he was with me, 
he was "out of trouble." 

We spent the whole summer doing whatever we wanted, 
whenever we wanted, 
with whoever we wanted. 
Neither of us had a summer job, 
so it was just hanging out from morning till late night.

Really, our summer was one big Kenny Chesney song, 
except back then I was channeling my inner punk with bands like The Offspring. 

And then, 
when summer ended... 
my family moved to Pennsylvania. 

For a while, Luke and I kept up our summer fling 
by spending hours and hours on AIM. 
(omg, can you even remember AIM???)

Eventually, Luke had enough 
and just stopped talking to me. 
He probably got bored, 
or was just sick of being on AIM all day. 
Whatever it was, 
I was devastated. 

It wasn't like I saw us together forever, 
but I was alone in a new school, 
new city, 
new state, 
and I felt like I had no one
It took me until the following spring to rebound with new dating relationships, 
and MUCH more importantly, 
meet a couple girls who became my lifelong friends.

At the time, it felt like my life was ending. 
But now, it kind of makes me smile. 
In that nostalgic "what were we thinking?" way. 
And I am SO SO SO glad my family didn't stay in Upstate NY!

As a side note... 

I thought of combing through my highschool photo albums to find a photo, 
but then I realized that would just be WEIRD
because I wouldn't want my highschool photo 
posted on some random persons' blog.
So sorry, no photos of said Luke.  
Just imagine Adam with red hair. 


  1. Poor high school Emily! Any idea what he's up to now? I can't decide what to write about because I'm too worried about my ex-boyfriends actually reading my blog, ha!

  2. I am feeling sad for your lonely, Luke-less self. But I'm glad you found some good friends to help you through.