Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Week 18: SomeTHINGS I Miss

Week 18 of the 30 Week Writing Challenge

Someone Somethings You Miss 

I decided to alter this duplicate topic to somethings I miss. 
Because while there aren't a lot of people I actively miss, 
there ARE a lot of things that I actively miss. 
Does that make heartless and materialistic? 
Oh well. 

Rather than take one and harp on it, 
 let's just go right through them all: 

1. I miss having free time. 
I'm pretty sure every mom in the history of the world has felt like this. 
I truly don't know what I used to do with my weekends pre-Aaron. 
I know I slept in a lot, 
and went out a lot in the evenings, 
but what exactly did I do from morning to night? 

Anyone remember the snuggie? 

2. I miss spontaneously going out at nights. 
Going out at night as a parent is such a production.
It requires planning, 
and texting for availability, 
and coordinating schedules,
and yada yada yada. 
Sometimes I just miss responding "YES" to a party invite, 
and all I had to plan was what to wear. 

 Who wants to go to the bar?!

3. I miss tailgating. 
We used to tailgate a LOT. 
We have so much tailgating gear in our basement. 
Portable grills. 
Collapsable tables. 
Coolers, etc. 
And I miss it.

Because why not wear a mini skirt while tailgating? 
Oh the choices we make when we are young...

4. I miss traveling. 
 Not just international travel, 
but being able to plan spontaneous weekend visits. 
Like driving to Boston to visit a friend. 

5. I miss drinking. 
I really love drinking
I miss popping a cold beer with a football game.
I miss sipping on a glass (or two!) of wine. 
I miss perusing a cocktail menu, 
and picking out my favorite not-too-sweet cocktail. 

Dollar store hat + Ring Pop + Wine on the deck = The Picture of Afternoon Drinking

6. I miss being in tip top shape. 
My mid-20s was the peak of my physical fitness. 
Everything looked good on me. 
I loved going shopping, 
and getting dressed, 
and knowing that I looked great
I wish I could dedicate more time to getting in shape, 
but see #1 above. 

Guessing this will be the last picture EVER of me in a bikini.  Our honeymoon.

Now, to be fair, let's round this out with something that trumps all of the above

wondering if I'll ever be a mom. 

I know that sounds a bit morbid, 
but prior to Aaron, 
I always wondered if we would have trouble 
or if something would go wrong. 
Being a mom is very important to me. 
And I am OK missing all of the above
to have this grainy picture instead: 


  1. Ahhh I can definitely relate to a few of these... I was never all that spontaneous to begin with, but I miss being able to do whatever I want whenever I want now for sure!

  2. I can definitely relate to one and four. Oh... if only I had unlimited free time. It would be awesome. I also miss being able to be sick without having to think about anyone else.