Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Week 19: What's In Your Bag?

Week 19 of the 30 Week Writing Challenge

What's in your bag? 

In 2007, my first job out of college, 
I bought myself a Coach leather bag to be used as a laptop bag. 
In the mid 2000s, Coach was the hot accessory in college, 
when they debuted their patterned "C"s cloth line 
as a response to the economic regression. 
Unfortunately, Coach's "C" cloth bags positioned them as a "tween" accessory, 
and (personally) I don't think they've ever fully recovered. 
Despite all this, 
Coach still knows how to make some superb quality leather. 
And that was the bag I bought.  
It's not designed to be a laptop bag, 
but I've carried 3 laptops over 8 years in this bag 
without a single bit of damage.  

This bag has seen a great amount of wear and tear over the years 
(as this photo shows so clearly) 
but in real life it's hardly noticeable.  
It's also a MUCH more beautiful color in real life, 
but no change of lighting shows accurately portrays the rich caramel color. 
It's mostly like the saddle color of this bag here

Ok, so enough about my damn bag. 
What's in it? 

1. Company-issued standard Laptop

2. Company-issued standard Laptop charger

3. Leather Coach wallet 
(bought the same time as the purse, 
and no, I did not want to match them) 

4. Chanel sunglasses 
(also have stood the test of time of 7+ years) 

5. Pens 
(only kind I'll use: Pentel R.S.V.P. fine) 

6. One random highlighter that I haven't used since my MBA 

7. A smattering of emergency hair ties and safety pins

8. Tampons* in a zip-lock bag
(When celebrities do a "what's in my bag" 
you KNOW they are hiding tampons in there too.  

9. Spare band-aid
(Because sometimes new heels can lead to bloody outcomes.)

10. Company-issued badge

*It wasn't until after I typed this post that I realized I could remove the tampons now, 
since I won't be using them for another year or so (6 months gestation + 6 months EBFing until solids).  
Although I do feel a sense of pride when a coworker scampers into my office with the frantic: 
"I got my period.  Do you have tampons?" 
And I can fulfill the request so quickly. 
So perhaps they will stay. 


  1. Ha, I must be a celebrity because I totally didn't take a pic of the tampons in my purse! But in my defense, my dad reads my blog and I didn't want any editorial comments from him... I got more than my fair share during my infertility blogging days :)

  2. I agree about the "C"s. They kinda became overused, but the leather products are wonderful! I have a pair of coach boat shoes that are so comfortable and classic. I also got a saddle colored clutch that has been. . . . well CLUTCH! I have to disagree with you about pens though. The best pens are the Pilot G-2 10. Nothing says power quite like a 1 mm pen! ;-)

  3. As you already know I learned from your Tampon carrying ways. However, I am also think I need to adopt your Band-Aid carrying ways too since I'm sometimes in need of one and don't have one readily available. Emily, you are just so wise in the ways of what to actually carry in your bag!