Tuesday, November 3, 2015

17 Weeks

17 Weeks 

I keep telling myself I will write a post about Halloween at some point. 

In the meantime,
I wanted to share this in for a little humor I saw on Kate's blog
I generally despise videos because I can't watch them at work 
(or at least not now in our open office concept), 
but if you AREN'T sitting in a cubicle farm, 

Baby Size

(Note: they do not specify why kind of onion. 
A shallot is technically an onion. 
I always get vidalia onions for the sweetness.)

Total Weight Gain
5 lbs.
Exact same as with Aaron. 

This has been mixed. 
The first half of the week: AWESOME. 

With temperature dipping into the 40s/50s, 
I open our bedroom window, 
freeze Adam to death, 
and sleep wonderfully
Adam doesn't even dare to complain.  

Second half of the week: HORRID. 
I blame all the candy. 
Diet affects sleep more than we think, 
and having the processed sugar overload really took its toll.

Nothing really. 

Anything Make Me Ill
"Ill" may not be the right word, 
but I've been fighting headaches. 
Our new open office has SUPER BRIGHT lights 
and it's been giving me headaches in the afternoon. 
I had a talk with our Health & Safety team, 
and they are brain-storming ideas. 
Which is corporate code for:
there are no ideas. 

Symptoms of the Week
Itchy boobs. 
Not that this ever went away since I first noticed it at 11 weeks
but I figure I'll mention it again. 

What I miss

Embarrassing Cry of the Week
Still tear-free.

Still Running?
And still at 3.5 miles!

Excited for
We have our family photo shoot this weekend. 
At Valley Forge park. 
I'm a tad nervous to see how Aaron does. 
And the weather, because I never trust the weather. 
We will see!

General Mood:
A bit bi-polar this week. 
Early in the week when I was sleeping well, 
eating well, 
and exercising, 
I felt great. 
Lots of energy and enthusiasm. 
We had an awesome Halloween. 
And to top it all off, 
I found out that a good friend is pregnant, 
and due a month after me! 
I've always wanted to be pregnant with one of my friends, 
so hooray for that!

But since Sunday and the sugar consumption, 
my sleep has suffered, 
and work has been a bitch
And those two combined have really brought down my mood.  

I'm hoping for a strong recovery this weekend. 
Except it's only Tuesday. 

17 Weeks with Aaron here.


  1. Can't wait to see how the family pics turn out! Not cool about the cubicle farm or the bright lights... you should wear sunglasses and build a tent around your cube :)

  2. I know this isn't the point of your post but your aside about onions had me laughing out loud! Ha!