Tuesday, November 10, 2015

18 Weeks

18 Weeks!

A game changer this week: 
After waiting for TWO MONTHS for Amazon to ship this (?!?!), 
It finally arrived and oh my how I love it
This pregnancy I went from a C to a DD, 
and it's just not that comfortable to "hang free" anymore. 
Big breasted women, I pity you. 
But this Lamaze bra is an absolute heavenly relief at the day's end. 

I also busted out the maternity shirts this week. 
I resisted as long as I could, 
not because I have any shred of pride 
(oh no no no, this belly has been in maternity pants since 12 weeks!
but I remember being SO SICK of my maternity shirts by the end, 
so I was hoping to delay as long as possible. 
But with only a handful of blouses still fitting, I suppose it is time. 

Baby Size
Sweet Potato 
(Side note: I could really go for some sweet potato fries right now)

Total Weight Gain
6 Lbs 
(-1) from my weight gain with Aaron

Not good this week.
I've woken up a LOT in the middle of the night, 
sometimes staying awake for hours. 
And any parent knows it's an absolute killer the next day. 

Morning fruit smoothies. 
The mornings are when I crave "sweet wetness," 
which best translates into a fruit smoothie. 
I make mine at home, 
in my crappy blender that I desperately need to replace. 
The night before, I throw in the following: 
- frozen mangoes 
- frozen peaches 
- frozen pineapple 
- frozen strawberries 
About 1/2-1 cup each, heaviest on the strawberries. 
The fruit softens over night, 
then I add 1/2-1 cup of water while it blends. 
I take it to work in my 12 oz Blender Bottle 
although the 12 oz is now discontinued, 
which I find silly because I'm not drinking a 24 oz smoothie! 

Anything Make Me Ill

Still the bright lights at work. 
I have an upcoming post about this "open office concept" we've adopted. 
Figured it's due since I've bitched enough. 

Symptoms of the Week
The belly is starting to make it's presence known.

What I miss
Sleeping soundly

Embarrassing Cry of the Week
I cried over a random story on the radio on the drive to work this morning
But I don't think that counts because no one witnessed it.

Still Running?
One of my pregnancy goals was to keep running longer than 18 weeks. 
Right now, I'm still running 3.5 miles two times a week 
(I aim for 3, but weather and work interfere). 
Yesterday I almost quit halfway. 
I was going up this hugggeeee hill
and getting horrible shooting pains in my pelvic region. 
First-time-pregnant Emily would've freaked out. 
But second-time-pregnant Emily fought through! 
And on the downhill, the pain subsided and 
I felt awesome! 
I gave myself lots of invisible gold stars for persevering. 
Another running note, 
I have altered my normal route to accommodate my newly fussy bladder. 
I always go to the bathroom when I leave work, 
but no matter how much or how little I've had to drink, 
I always have to pee a mile in. 
Thus I altered my run to stop at the local township building, 
which has a public [clean] bathroom right by the entrance.  
It feels weird to break up a run like that. 
But better to run - stop - pee - run 
then not run at all!

Excited for
Yes yes, we are like a month early. 
my in-laws are going to Florida until Christmas, 
so we figured we'd do Hanukkah a month early. 
I'm up for holiday celebration any time. 
No complaints by me!

General Mood
On one hand, I'm all happy and proud that I've kept up with running. 
I feel so much better whenever I run, 
much more "active-pregnant-lady" and less "Jabba-the-hut." 

On the other hand, the sleep disturbance is killing me. 
I'm cranky and moody. 
My affectionate coworker dubbed me "Emily the Whiner" this week, 
so that tells you my general attitude. 

 Saturday loungewear. 

18 Weeks with Aaron here


  1. I love giving myself imaginary gold stars! I think you have earned a ton by participating in any physical activity at all during the pregnancy, so enjoy them :)

  2. Add me to the list of people who are super-impressed you are still running. My completely non-pregnant self is not running at all right now so give yourself even more gold stars!