Tuesday, November 17, 2015

19 Weeks

19 Weeks! 
Almost halfway there!

I eliminated redundant categories. 
Like "things that make me ill
and "embarrassing cry
because they are neither not applicable 
or the same thing over 
and over. 
As in, I still get headaches from the the bright lights at work.

Baby Size

Total Weight Gain
7 lbs
(-1.5) lbs with Aaron 
Of course, this morning Adam made the comment: 
"I think your belly shrank" 
which strikes fear into every pregnant mother's heart. 
What could be wrong?!
Is the baby disappearing?!
Then I got out of bed, showered,
and got the nice little belly bloat back. 
I feel a bit better. 
Some kicks would be even nicer, 
but this Baby Boy is a night owl 
and usually doesn't make his presence known until after dinner.

Much better again this week. 
What did I do differently? 
No freaking idea.

Nothing in particular.

Symptoms of the Week
I don't know why this pregnancy took so long for the instant-peeing to set in. 
It was near immediate with Aaron. 

What I miss
Regular shirts. 
It's too soon to be sick of maternity shirts! 
I just pulled them out LAST WEEK!
On the other hand, I LOVE my maternity jeans (Joe's Jeans.

Still Running?
3.5 miles twice a week! 

Excited for
20 Week anatomy scan! 
We already know it's a boy, 
but I like doctor visits 
because I'm weird like that. 
This will be the first time Adam has seen an ultrasound for this baby. 
He has felt the baby kick, 
and seen ultrasound pictures, 
but not in real time. 

General Mood
Pretty positive this week. 
We somehow packed a TON into this weekend. 
Originally it was just supposed to be dinner at my parents on Saturday, 
then Hanukkah on Sunday. 
But we ended up with a playdate Saturday morning, 
and then decided to create Aaron's new toddler room on Sunday 
rather than wait until Thanksgiving break. 
I'll write a post on that shortly. 

Sorry for the crappy lighting. 
Forgot to take this during the day with natural light!

19 Weeks with Aaron here


  1. Be honest: how many times have you sang the lyrics to "Livin' on a Prayer" in your head since typing that second line?

    Glad it's been a good week!

  2. And now I want to eat a mango. Is that wrong?