Tuesday, November 24, 2015

20 Weeks - Halfway There!

 "Whoaaa, we're halfway there! 
Whoaaa, livin' on a Prayer!"

Actually this is a lie, 
because I came 6 days late with Aaron, 
so I expect that 20.5 weeks is halfway there!

The anatomy scan was today and everything was good. 
These big scans always make me nervous. 
We wouldn't terminate the pregnancy no matter what, 
but it's still unnerving to be going to an appointment designed to diagnose abnormalities. 

Of course, halfway through the scan, 
we got a call from the daycare that Aaron has PINK EYE. 
Can't all be perfect at once! 
Baby Size

Total Weight Gain
7.5 lbs 
(-2.5) less than with Aaron
Of course this week is Thanksgiving. 

Eh, nothing in particular

Symptoms of the Week
Nothing really to speak of. 
Coasting through this 2nd trimester. 

What I miss
I had a girlfriend lunch on Saturday and 
oh my, how I wanted a lovely cocktail.

Still Running?

Last week was the first in a while that the work/weather stars aligned, 
and I was able to run 3 times. 
I didn't want to do two 3.5 miles back-to-back days, 
so I ended up with: 
3.5 miles, 2.3 miles, and 3.0 miles. 
Still proud. 

Excited for
Thanksgiving break! 
I still call major holidays "breaks" 
even though I've been out of college almost a decade. 
4 days off sounds like the ultimate luxury, 
even if it includes a child with pink eye! 

Thanksgiving day will be spent at my parents house, 
which doubles as Christmas for my mom's extended family. 
I'm particularly psyched for my dad's legendary gravy, 
which guarantees a +3 weight gain next week. 
Friday will be Black Friday shopping ONLINE 
(aka: Adam's least favorite day ever). 
I'm so excited to have Aaron "help" this year. 

General Mood
 Feelin' good overall. 
I always get a little more excited about the holidays. 

20 Weeks with Aaron here


  1. Hooray for being (technically) halfway there! And I love that pink top- super cute!

  2. Obviously I am fairly far behind on my blog reading but I'm so excited about Christmas break I can barely breathe. FIVE WHOLE DAYS OFF WORK!!! Whoo hoo!!! And I second the cute pink top comment. I love it!