Friday, November 6, 2015


I promised myself I'd blog about Halloween, 
if only so we can look back and chuckle. 

Let me preface this with saying that we bought Aaron's costume 45 days prior. 
And he has been SO PSYCHED to be a Minion. 

He has told everyone.
That he will be a Minion for Halloween. 
This includes random parents at the park. 
I swear his daycare teachers hear it 20x a day. 

So when the day came, 
this kid was beyond psyched. 
I mean BEYOND. 

I hear stories of kids refusing to wear their costumes, 
crying because they want something different. 
Maybe that'll happen to us next year. 
But not this year. 
Oh no. 
This was the most exciting year for Halloween ever. 

Halloween kicked off with the typical daycare party/parade/cluster-f**k. 
Too much sugar, 
too much activity, 
but a whole lot of cuteness. 

There was a performer, of course, which Aaron watched for approx 10 minutes, 
then went to climb all over the playground. 

I just enjoyed observing all the other kids in their costumes. 
Of course there were a 1,001 Elsas, 
and plenty of other Minions. 
But my favorite was definitely a 9-month-old Dracula, 
slicked back hair and everything. 
If I had more balls, 
I would have asked the mother to take a picture of her son. 
He was the cutest ever. 
(sadly, not pictured below)

Also, I see on the blog-sphere that 
everyone else's company does in-office trick-or-treating. 
Apparently International Manufacturing Companies and Big Law Firms 
are not cool enough to partake in this time-honored tradition. 
And I'm a little pissed about that. 
Next time Adam and I decide to switch companies, 
one of our interview questions will have to include: 
"Do you have in-office trick-or-treating?" 

Moving on...

Halloween day itself was fun 
as I had a morning to myself, 
getting a haircut 
and meeting a friend at the mall for lunch. 
It got even better when I found out said friend 
is due with her first baby just a MONTH after me. 

The rest of Halloween we spent carving our pumpkins 
(which Aaron lost interest in halfway through) 
and showing off the famed Minion costume to Adam's parents who stopped by. 

*Note: Baby Brother pumpkin a clementine.

But the REAL fun began 
when we drove across the neighborhood to join our friends 
for trick-or-treating. 

Aaron and William are BFF from many nights of Monthly Kid Swap
and they were SO PSYCHED to be in their costumes together. 

We started with a brief stop at the local neighborhood party, 
which got us this priceless gem of costumes 
(Adam/I are lame and don't dress up, so we were photographers): 

Then we were off! 

It was a bit of child-stampede in the beginning, 
which made for some precarious situations for the littlest ones, 
but everyone was safe and happy and got their candy. 

After a few houses, the hoard thinned out and 
we were able to send the boys to the front door without fear of trampling. 

I have to say though, 
I never realized how many houses have narrow, 
old stone steps leading to their front door. 
It's like a death trap for small children. 

ALSO, another observation. 
There were houses that invited the kids IN TO THE HOUSE 
to get the candy from the living room basket. 
3 out of the 4 of us adults thought that was REALLY WEIRD. 
And downright CREEPY. 
William's dad Fred was the one outsider who defended it, 
saying he remembered it common in his neighborhood as a kid. 
Virginia, Adam, and I were all against the idea. 
It's just creepy. 
Ok, enough on that topic. 

Aaron and William packed their little treat basket pumpkins so tight, 
we could barely fit any more candy in. 
And when we were done, 
and heading home, 
Adam and I made the mistake of admitting Aaron was NOT going to be spending the night at William's. 
Combine the sugar rush of candy 
and the exhaustion of a no-nap day 
plus the overwhelming excitement of trick-or-treating, 
and this made for a very upset toddler. 

Aaron sobbed all the way home 
(all 2.5 minute drive) 
crying that he wanted to stay at William's house. 
Too bad, kid! 

We plopped him in bed, 
and then Adam and I set out to assess and "tax" the candy. 

I forgot to get a picture of the pile, 
but it was enormous. 

Also, Aaron collected a very large quantity of Almond Joy, 
which neither Adam nor I like. 
The best I can figure is that he loves blue 
and gravitated towards the bright blue wrapper. 
Bah humbug. 

To wrap up this post, 
I am SHOCKED to report that Aaron has not requested candy since. 
Although Adam and I assessed a heavy parental tax of about 75%, 
we did leave him a hefty mountain of candy, 
planning to dole it out one day at a time. 

Since Halloween, he has not brought up candy ONCE. 
We're kind of shocked. 
And a little dumb-founded as to what to do with all the extra candy. 

All else fails, bring it to work!

Happy Post-Halloween! 


  1. I love the picture of Spiderman and the Minion smiling at each other- too cute! And don't worry, my office doesn't do trick-or-treating or even allow people to wear costumes on Halloween. Lame. Also, it's a good thing Aaron had a meltdown at the end of the day because I don't think Halloween with a toddler is complete without at least one.
    Oh, and I, too, have been surprised about how quickly the twins seem to have forgotten about their candy?! We have still been doling it out occasionally but if they don't see it, they don't seem to remember it exists! More for us :)

  2. Almond Joys are my (and my dad's) FAVORITE!!! He was attracted to them because he knows what's good for him!

  3. All. The. Candy. Argh. Sam just finished his yesterday and Rachel a few days ago. Next year I want to figure out how to do Hallowe'en without bringing any candy into our house. Wish me luck! Ha!

    Also, Rachel was one of the nine million Elsas out there. And we just saw Despicable Me 2 on Saturday and now we want to watch the first one.

    And I LOVE that Dave's office does trick or treating. Now if only that was the only candy getting we had to do...