Monday, November 16, 2015

Review of Parent Initiated Milestones

There are many big milestones in baby to toddler to youth, 
but only a few that I as the parent can initiate. 
Off the top of my head, 
I can think of three specifically. 

Bottle to sippy cup.
Potty training.
Crib to bed. 

(What other parent-initiated milestones am I missing?)

At this point, we've passed all three 
so it's a good time for me to review the transition 
and evaluate our timing. 

Bottle to sippy cup
8 months old 

Recommended by Lucie's List 

The transition was smooth sailing with no objections. 

It also freed up more bottles for me to pump with at work. 
Going forward, I don't plan on buying 8oz bottles this time, 
because we moved from 4 oz right to sippy cups. 

Potty training
almost exactly at 2 years old 
I was sick of diapers 
and we had a RARE unscheduled 3-day weekend to blow through the 3-day method.
Overall very glad. 
Yes it was tough and we had lots of accidents, 
and still battle pooping on the potty 
(he will at daycare, but not for us at home????). 
Now, would it have been easier if we waited much longer? 
My sister-in-law waited till her son was 3 with far less accidents. 
 My waxer trained her kids at 3.5 and it was literally a breeze. 

BUT I offset that with the peace of mind that IT IS DONE. 
I don't have that looming over my head and 
I was able to do it with one child and not a baby on my hips. 
If I had to do it again, I would. 

Crib to Bed
2 years, 5 months old

He was actively climbing out of the crib. 

I did not really understood the value of containment, 
until he was no longer contained. 
We put a kids-lock on his door knob, 
so he can't get out, 
but that didn't fix the problem like I expected. 

First of all, he NEVER naps. 
I thought if we left him in there, 
he'd just play until he passes out. 
The second we leave the room, 
he hops out of bed like an escaping prisoner 
and sets to town readings, playing, and never once gets sleepy. 
Unless we sit in there
making sure he NEVER gets out of bed, 
he won't nap. 
And sometimes I even give up after an hour, 
and leave, 
and then he doesn't nap at all. 

Ironically, this is not a problem at night. 
He never gets out of his bed at night, 
and is either fast asleep in 10 minutes, 
or plays quietly with his animals in bed. 

Aside from the no-napping, 
there is also the case of mass destruction. 
We moved anything really dangerous/permanent from his room. 
Medicines, ointments, and any art supplies are long gone. 
Generally he empties all his toys and clothes, 
from every possible drawer.  
Additionally, we still use the diaper genie
 (since he has a diaper at night),
and one day I had put in a fresh cartridge with no diapers, 
and he unraveled the ENTIRE THING around his room. 

So would I do it again? 
He was actively crawling out of his crib, 
even with the sleepsack on backwards (wtf). 
So on one hand, perhaps yes? 
But if we hadn't, would he be more likely to stay? 
I really don't know. 
But to those mamas who haven't done the crib to bed yet... 


  1. Another big one for us early on was moving from the rock n play to the crib, but if you put them in the crib from day one, that's a milestone that is very easily avoided :) Glad to hear I don't have to feel bad about not having started the crib-to-bed transition yet. And although I'm jealous that you are done with potty training, I'm hopeful that by waiting, we'll avoid some of the frustrations of doing it earlier. I'm also hopeful that someone else will just do it for me, but so far I've had no volunteers... weird, right?

  2. Rachel stopped napping as soon as we moved her out of her crib too. It sucked. And while Sam had quiet time in his room every afternoon until he went to JK, Rachel never adjusted to it. I blame Sam being an introvert as opposed to Rachel being an extrovert.

    I also think losing the soother is a parent initiated milestone, if you kids have one.