Friday, November 20, 2015

Toddler Room Transition

Let me regal you with the story of our toddler room transformation. 
Costing us a measly $35 
...and a hole in the wall. 


We knew we would keep the nursery the same for the second baby. 
Boy or girl, I had already designed a gender-neutral Winnie the Pooh nursery
and there was no way I was going to redo it. 
We intended to move Aaron early enough
that he wouldn't feel "kicked out" of his room for the new baby. 
However, that first meant transforming our 3rd bedroom 
from the guest room 
into a toddler room. 

 We had planned to embark on this "transformation" over Thanksgiving, 
but when my coworker dropped off the toddler bed this past weekend, 
we decided to go for it. 
And by we, 
I mean Adam. 

Step 1. Move the guest bed to store in the basement. 

Adam insisted on completing this task himself, 
because I'm pregnant and therefore an invalid. 

As I read my book on the couch during Aaron's naptime 
(er, quiet time, because he doesn't nap at home), 
 I watched Adam struggle with the queen-sized mattress
down our tiny townhome stairs, 
around the corner, 
and down the tiny basement stairs. 
He succeeded. 
Then came the box spring. 
Now, remember, a box spring is incredibly lightweight, just bulky. 
As I watched this enormous box spring descend down the stairs, 
I casually inquired: "Do you need help?" 
Response: "No, I got this." 


The box spring slid down the steps and SMASHED into the wall. 
Now, thanks to the angle of descent, only the corner lodged into the wall. 
But it's a hefty size hole. 
Bigger than the college-toothpaste-patchwork work Adam is accustomed to.  

As I type this,
the hole is still there. 
I predict it will be fixed around Christmas. 

Step 2: Swap Closets. 

The guest room closet previously housed my gift wrapping collection, 
and since we expect to upgrade our house before Baby #2 becomes mobile, 
we simply swapped closets. 
It also gave me the opportunity to organize and purge, 
which is one of my favorite activities in the entire world. 

Step 3: Clean and vacuum. 
Step 4: Setup new room. 
Inventory of new room: 
- Toddler bed (free from coworker) 
- "Dresser" aka: converted nightstand from Adam's college days
- Closet toy bins (part of the closet swap) 
- Pottery Barn Anywhere Chair (not pictured - gift from grandparents)
- Crib mattress (stolen from crib, will procure new one for Baby #2)
I searched high and low for toddler-sized Thomas sheets. 
There are dozens of twin Thomas sheets, 
but the toddler (crib) size is lacking. 
I found two sets on Amazon and opted for the less busy one. 
I had low expectations 
and sure enough, 
these sheets are CARDBOARD. 
I washed and washed them but to no avail. 
They are the ultimate worst quality possible, 
and I'll be shocked if they last 6 months. 
But do you know who cares? 
 Pure joy. 
So much joy. 
In summary, yes we totally half-assed Aaron's room. 
You'll notice we didn't even update the "artwork" on the wall, 
from when I hung pictures for the guest room. 
We did remove the pictures over his bed 
because you know, 
we're prone to earthquakes up here in PA (snort). 

Aaron's thoughts? 
On Sunday, he even STAYED IN BED during naptime (a shocker)
because he was so excited to be in his "Thomas bed." 
As he was falling asleep, 
he stroked the [cardboard] bedding 
and whispered: 
"Thomas bed.  Thomas bed.  Thomas bed..."

 Yup, we brought over the monitor from the nursery. 
The question is whether we buy a second for Baby #2. 
Or take a HUGE LEAP OF FAITH and eliminate the toddler room monitor. 
Are we that brave? 
I mean, how have toddlers survived thousands of years without video monitors???



  1. I'm so glad he likes it! Just goes to show that parents go to way too much effort on kids' rooms when it's the little things (like uncomfortable Thomas bedding) that they really care about! Also, I'm impressed that you predict Adam will fix that hole by Christmas... will that be on his own accord or require a decent amount of repeated requests on your part?

  2. Dave also thought I was an invalid during pregnancy. Sometimes I loved it and other times it was COMPLETELY ANNOYING! And if you get that hole fixed by Christmas we have some over here going on two years old which could use some fixing. Just sayin'.

  3. Oh, and I like Aaron's new room, cardboard sheets and all.