Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Week 20: Five Things You Are Passionate About

Week 20 in the 30 Week Writing Challenge

Five Things You Are Passionate About

1. Child Nutrition 

With a dietician for a mom, 
it's no surprise this is at the top. 
I VERY strongly believe that we are made of what we eat, 
and a child who subsides on frozen processed chicken nuggets 
and pre-packaged oatmeal,
is being malnourished physically and mentally. 
I certainly don't believe we have to eat organic pure foods all the time
and I'm ALWAYS first in line to "cheat", 
but the foundation of a child's diet should include a variety of unprocessed foods. 

On my previous blog, I wrote a lengthy post on Aaron's introduction of foods.

You can see my passion spewing out all over the place. 

2. Breastfeeding 

Along the same lines of nutrition, 
breastfeeding is the healthiest thing you can feed a child, 
no exception. 
Sure, sometimes it doesn't work out, 
but I think there is a serious lack of education and support in the US.
I breastfed Aaron until he was 14 months old, 

and honestly wish I had kept going longer.

3. Extended Rear-Facing Car Seats 
I could spout off a laundry list of facts, but here's the gist:
Although our society is programmed to turn children around 1-2 years old, 
the truth is that the child's neck does not fully develop until age 3-4. 
Which means a forward-facing child has a high likelihood of SNAPPING IN HALF. 
A lot of my passion in this area is around the lack of education. 
Parents turn their kids around because why not
That's what the car seat manufacturers say! 
And the US government!
Even Adam grumbles about Aaron still being rear-facing.

All that said, I struggle with this because when Baby #2 arrives, 
we are going to REALLY have a hard time keeping two rear-facing car seats 
without pulling the front seats all the way up to the dashboard, 
which will NOT work with Adam's long legs. 
We'll see.

4. Running. 

On a far less serious topic, 
I love running. 
It's weird to say I'm "passionate" about it, 
but I guess I am. 
It's the only form of exercise I've kept up with for 11+ years. 

5. The Israeli-Palestinian conflict. 
In college, I was really passionate about this topic. 
I was also very educated about it. 
I could spout off US funding statistics and death tolls,
  and I even wrote a 50-page single-spaced research paper on it. 
I was never strictly anti-Israel, 
but I saw a side to Palestinians that the media did not broadcast. 
Ironically, I married a Jew who grew up seeing the opposite side of the conflict. 

Sadly, in the last 8 years, I've completely lost track of it. 
I couldn't even tell you anything about ISIS. 
This is my one political area that I wish I kept up on, 
but sometimes life just gets in the way.


  1. Argh I really don't want to write this post because all I can think of that I'm passionate about these days is sleeping... ha! Great choices for you, and maybe they'll help me come up with some good ones. I'm especially impressed with 5 since I have never been even remotely educated about that topic... maybe you can send me that research paper to read? ;)

  2. Our kids were rear facing until age two and we didn't move Sam into a booster until he was 5 1/2. Most of my friends turned their kids forward facing at age 1 and into boosters at age 4 so I felt like we were bucking the trend. I agree that people are too anxious to move their kids "up a level" when it comes to car seats.

    And with number 5 -- I used to work as a human rights observer in Israel-Palestine. We were living with Palestinians and I spoke Arabic. For about five years I knew EVERYTHING there was to know about the conflict.

    Sadly, I am also completely unaware as to what is happening now. And I married a Jew. However, Dave's family (his immediate family, that is) is completely supportive of what I did and are very realistic about what is happening there. His aunt, on the other hand, is a settler on the West Bank so, on the few occasions I've seen her, we don't talk politics. But Dave and his mom don't talk politics with her either so it's all good.