Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Week 22: One Thing You've Never Done

Week 22 in the 30 Week Writing Challenge:

 One Thing You've Never Done That Most People Have 

Essentially, "never-have-I-ever." 

I've never eaten a omelet. 
Or quiche. 
Or frittata. 
 Or a hard-boiled egg. 
Or a soft-boiled egg. 
Or eggs sunny-side-up. 
Or poached eggs. 
Or deviled eggs.  

My aversion to eggs kicked in around age 8-9. 
My dad claims that prior to that, 
I would eat scrambled eggs and french toast. 
so I guess I can't put those on the list, 
but the more "sophisticated" forms of egg for sure I've never touched. 

I can't stand the smell, 

I find avocado texture to be "egg-like" which is the reason I also despise avocados. 
 I won't eat potato salads or macaroni salad because I can taste the egg. 
And I will avoid most homemade mayos because of the egg. 

There are other foods I dislike, 
I don't like mint 
or black beans 
or olives
or the taste of coffee (although I love the smell)
but my hatred of eggs trumps them all. 

When Adam and I used to go to IHOP for breakfast 
(usually hungover from a late night drinking), 
I always insisted that my eggs came on a "separate plate" 
so Adam could eat them without risk of them touching my food.
Egg-contamination is real, my friends. 

Ironically, the eggs in hibachi and fried rice don't bother me. 
Dunno why. 

One time, to show my ultimate form of love
I made Adam breakfast in bed. 
Complete with scrambled eggs. 
I didn't know anything about scrambled eggs besides what google told me, 
so they ended up like "confetti" and Adam didn't like them. 

"confetti eggs"

I infrequently make scrambled eggs for Aaron, 
when there is nothing else in the house, 
but I've never tasted them 
so I have no idea if they are over-salted, over-done, or whatever. 
He eats them, so I'm happy. 

And there you have it. 
One thing I've never done. 
Eat an omelet. 


  1. Yum, I could go for an omelet right about now, and one of my favorite omelet fillings is - wait for it - black beans, ha! I definitely do get sick of eggs if I eat them regularly, though, so it has to be a semi-infrequent thing for me.

  2. You don't eat eggs, avocados, or black beans. I think I have to stop reading your blog now. :) Ha!