Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Week 23: Most Memorable Vacation

Week 23 of the 30 Week Writing Challenge

Most Memorable Vacation

Between my sophomore and junior year of highschool,
my dad took me and my little sister Melissa 
on a multi-week tour through the western National Parks. 

We flew into Denver. 
Drove to Colorado Springs to visit his college friends. 
Then drove back north to hit up the Grand Teton National Park,
Yellowstone National Park, 
and more that I can't remember. 

While a little bit of me was missing my new boyfriend back home
(cue sappy tween music), 
it really was the best vacation ever. 

And while the parks were cool, 
and camping was cool, 
it was actually the little things that I remember and love. 


I remember driving for hours and hours in the car, 
my dad reading aloud every. single. sign that we passed. 
"Joe's Trading Post: 40 miles ahead!" 


It was the days pre-GPS, 
and I was trying to navigate, 
in an area where half the dirt roads were on the map, 
and the other half weren't, 
and it was always a guessing game 
whether we were on the correct un-named dirt road. 


One night we ordered two stuffed-crust pizzas from Pizza Hut, 
and I ate ENTIRE PIZZA by myself, 
and was so so so so sick. 
When we got back to the hotel 
and my sister was hungry, 
I made her eat her leftover slice in the bathroom so I wouldn't have to smell it. 


I locked the car keys in the rental car, 
and we had to call AAA. 
And I don't remember my dad being mad, 
just amused. 


Without a boyfriend to impress, I hadn't packed shaving cream. 
I gave in at Yellowstone and bought a small bit at the local campground store. 
And sat outside our cabin, with a bucket of water, 
my razor and shaving cream, 
shaving for all to see. 
No worries. 

Perhaps its a little mean to say it was the best vacation, 
since my mom and baby sister Rebecca were back in NY, 
but it really was AWESOME.


  1. That really does sound fun and I bet it would mean a lot to your dad to know how much you loved it! My dad took Allison and me backpacking between 8th and 9th grade and it was memorable, but mostly because I spent so much time crying and wishing I hadn't agreed to go- ha!!

  2. This does sound like a really fun (and memorable) vacation. I think it's funny that my most memorable vacation included my dad too. This also tells me that I need to work on getting Dave to plan a vacation for him and the kids! Which also means quiet time at home for MEEEEE!!! Win-win!