Monday, November 23, 2015

WIDN - November

Because if my weekly pregnancy updates aren't enough 
excitement about our mundane daily life, 
why not also pump out a WIDN post? 

Excellent idea. 

Holiday Sugar Cookies. 
I love love LOVE sugar cookies 
and decorating them. 
I don't settle for the plain old icing + sprinkles. 
No, no, no, no. 
That's for amateurs. 
I go the distance with a
Wilton cake decorating set.  
Overachiever much?

Because we celebrated Hanukkah early, 
these were the first cookies to be made. 
Christmas follows after Thanksgiving!

A boat ton of water, 
with a little side splashes of gatorade. 
I've never liked gatorade, 
but when a fellow preggo mom in my prenatal yoga class suggested it to help with morning headaches, 
I gave it a shot and sure, enough, it's pretty awesome! 
Of course, coconut water is the natural, healthier equivalent of gatorade. 
But coconut water tastes like sour water. 

Park Avenue Primates
Omg, so hooked on this damn book.

My Nine West Tiberia OTK boots to ship already!!!!
I have been craving these suckers ever since
 The Mom Edit did a post on OTK boots. 

As soon as Adam and I got our Hanukkah gift money, 
I put these boots on IMMEDIATE order from Nordstrom. 
Didn't even wait to cash the check. 

Adam and I were are recent converts to HGTV's Rehab Addict, 
described to me as
"This Olde House before homeowners started writing checks 
rather than doing it themselves." 

I never watched This Olde House to compare, 
but I love the interesting tidbits I learn from this show. 
Not that I will ever repair one damn thing in my own house. 
But... knowledge is cool. 

I also really like the "compartmentalized" rooms of old homes, 
much better than the open floor plan of the modern. 

Listening To
Classic rock. 
I go through music "phases," 
and after a solid 8 years of pop/country, 
I've lapsed back into our rock roots. 
Guns N Roses "Paradise City" has been my starting song 
for all my runs recently. 

My packed lunch/snacks have looked identical for like 3 weeks straight. 
It's alarming. 
- Clementine 
- Apple 
- Wegman's Mountain Trail Mix 
- one piece of "taxed" Halloween candy
- Baby carrots with 2 Tbs of bleu cheese dip

I cannot think of the last time I've been so predictable.

Is there such a smell as "outdoor fall"?
I know there are baking smells 
and over-scented candle smells, 
but I think nature has its own smell too. 
And it makes my runs so so so so so much nicer.

Someone could design me a fabulous morning hair routine, 
that does NOT involve blow-drying or actual styling. 
I want to shower, 
wrap my hair in a towel while I get Aaron dressed, 
brush it out, 
add product, 
and go to work. 
Everyone's all : "hey, 5 minute styling!" 
Yeah, 5 minutes AFTER you blow-dry your hair. 
No thanks. 

My time with Aaron in the evenings. 
After writing this post
it seems like we're on an upswing again. 
He's been so pleasant in the evenings after daycare. 
We've wandered Target together. 
Made cookies. 
Read books. 
And he's been so damn cute. 
I am overdue for another post on his cute sayings.

Our annual family photo session in Valley Forge park. 
Can't wait to get my hands on the digitals to start out Christmas cards!

I HOPE I'm starting to reel in my pregnancy weight gain. 
I wrote before here about my goal to gain less weight, 
in hopes of a VBAC. 
Up until recently, I was gaining pound-for-pound with Aaron. 
This week (19 Weeks) was the first time I was actually down!
Even with that small victory, 
I still feel deflated about my pregnant appearance. 
I have no defined bump.
I'm surrounded by skinny girlfriends and one sister-in-law 
who have this adorable tiny bump 
and then I look like I ate two Thanksgiving meals. 
It's probably fair to stay that I carry pregnancy weight differently, 
and it's frustrating. 
The kind of frustrating when I see that my Size 0 friend 
eats carbs by the plateful and never works out. 

To win the lottery. 
Or not. 

The same damn maternity top every day. 
Just different colors. 
I don't know what possessed Past Tense Emily 
to buy the same damn maternity top in 9 colors, 
but I swear over half of my wardrobe is one top. 
I need to buy cuter clothes; 
clothes that I can look forward to wearing!

Christmas Running Songs
I love Christmas music, 
and shamelessly listen to it all year long. 
My favorite Christmas songs of all time are by Celine Dion. 
I don't listen to ANY of her other music
but I LOVE her Christmas songs.  


  1. There are too many things I want to comment on so my brain has gone into overload!! I am def going to check out the Christmas running songs, so thanks for that tip and let me know if you have any that you recommend. Also, the predictability that you're currently experiencing with food is basically my life, so you'll have to let me know how it goes for you.

    And lastly, I know everyone else is going to tell you the same thing, but don't be too hard on yourself on the pregnancy weight! You look great, and most importantly, you seem to be feeling pretty good, so try to ignore the number! Just do your best to eat healthy and stay active and you should be a-ok :) I just tried to ask google what the world record was for the most weight ever gained in a pregnancy so that I could use it to make you feel better in comparison, but I can't find an answer, sadly...

  2. Okay, as Amanda said -- TOO MUCH TO COMMENT ON. So here goes the randomness... Can you ship me some of those Chanukah cookies STAT? I said I'd bring dessert to our Chanukah party this weekend and now I am not at all motivated to make one. Your cookies would really help me out.

    Coconut in general grosses me out so I can't imagine the water. Blah. Did your boots arrive yet? I'll need to add Park Avenue Primates to my list. We live in a compartmentalized house. Paradise City is on my running mix too.

    Do not beat yourself over pregnancy weight/look. Everybody gains and looks different. I was never the adorable beach ball type. I was the two Thanksgiving dinner type too.