Monday, November 2, 2015

Work Stamina

When I was in my early 20s, 
and could drink a dozen drinks without getting a hangover
I had great work stamina. 

I would get into the office around 8ish. 
And generally work to around 8-10pm, 
sometimes past midnight. 
It wasn't like I loved every second, 
but I did it. 
One weekend I was having dinner with my parents, 
and my dad mentioned he had been "working late" to 6pm. 
I spit out my food. 
I would have LOVED to get out at 6pm!
But NOW I get it. 

Now, I work 7am-4pm. 
If I ever have to work until 5pm, 
I feel like my life is crashing down around me. 
On the first of this month, 
I worked 13 hours. 
It took me the entire weekend to recover. 
What has changed between now and then? 

1. Consistency. 
When a body is in a habit of doing something, 
it does it better. 
When I was used to working 12+ hours, 
it didn't phase me as much to do so. 
Now that I work a strict 8 hours, 
the concept of an extra hour is just mind-boggling. 

2. Children. 
When I wasn't working in my 20s, 
I was either lounging on the couch or drinking. 
Maybe I ran an errand, or did laundry, or went for a run. 
All at my pace and at my leisure. 
When I'm not working now, 
I have to feed, bathe, entertain, and put a toddler to bed. 
Toddlers are exhausting. 

3. Age. 
Let's not kid ourselves here. 
Decades make a difference. 
Being 30 is different than being 22. 
I can't drink like I used to, 
and I can't operate on as little sleep as I used to. 
Of course there are people in their 30s, 40s, and 50s working crazy hours, 
but I refer you again to #1. 
The one-offs are much more a killer now than they were then. 

4. Pregnancy. 
Really, this should be #1. 
Being pregnant is exhausting. 
Absolutely totally completely exhausting. 
I'm still exercising (still running!) and eating well, 
but oh man am I just beat tired
Working an 8-hour day pregnant is hard enough. 
Add an extra 10 minutes, and I feel like I've run a marathon. 

If you've managed to suffer through this miserable post, 
I feel it's only right to leave you with some work-related humor: 

 Happens every time

 It's all about the perspective

 Must. Keep. Humor.


  1. I truthfully have never had to work long hours, BUT I can definitely relate to my work stamina in general not being what it used to be. I feel like I'm yawning all day and having to try extra hard to concentrate now whereas I breezed through work days pre-kids!

  2. I know what you mean. Pre-kids I would survive twelve hour work days (usually my choice) or I'd go from my full-time job to my part-time ("fun") job but now I find seven hours a long day. I'm so spoiled.